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Diane Lane in Man Of Steel




Diane Lane plays Martha Kent in the all new Man Of Steel, which continues it’s box office earnings. Diane continues to surprise audiences in every role she undertakes.

We already know that “Man of Steel” is getting a sequel. That was already a done deal before the first one went on to break records. But what will the film be about? And if the film really is coming out next year, like one rumor insisted, they’ll need to figure that out as soon as possible! Thankfully, screenwriter David Goyer left a few dangling plot points in the final script should a sequel desire to tie them up. Goyer revealed one such Easter egg to Ain’t It Cool News recently, and it’s a doozy. While Goyer’s response isn’t spoilery, the question that prompts his answer is. Thusly, we have hidden it after the jump. When asked if a sequel would deal with General Zod’s lifeless body and human adversaries (maybe Lex Luthor…?) possibly seeking to exploit it, Goyer had this to say:

“I can neither confirm nor deny. »


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