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Kevin Costner plays Jonathan Kent in Man Of Steel




Kevin Costner brings star power to  Man Of  Steel. This film has big names and a big budget, which is paying off at the box office.

Kevin Costner’s voice is immediately recognizable in a “Kevin Costner” sort of way. So much so that when Costner called for our interview and asked for me by name, I felt stupid playing along by responding “This is Mike,” as opposed to just blurting out, “I know you are Kevin Costner and I have a million things that I want to ask you about.”

Costner plays Jonathan Kent, the Earth-bound father to Clark Kent, a.k.a Kal-El a.k.a Superman, in the new film “Man of Steel.” The 58-year-old star has been acting now for close to 35 years, and he is exactly what you would expect and hope for: polite, engaging and, at this point in his career, a straight shooter. Ahead, our longer-than-expected conversation fluctuates from refection on two of his bigger career disappointments — “Waterworld” and “The Postman” — to highlights that include “Bull Durham,” “The Untouchables” and the time he called parents to tell them he got paid a million dollars.

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