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Home Blog CW Seymore’s “Shards of Glass”-A Little Girls Journey Back Into Her World of Physical,Mental and Sexual Abuse

CW Seymore’s “Shards of Glass”-A Little Girls Journey Back Into Her World of Physical,Mental and Sexual Abuse


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Tragedy turned Triumph, CW Seymore has just released her first book “Shards of Glass” in a Set, detailing the horrific abuse she endured spanning over 15 years, where physical, mental and emotional abuse; sexual molestation and rape resided!

 CW Seymore is pleased to announce the release of her childhood memoir: Shards of Glass – A Little Girls Journey Back Into Her World Of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse. A true human interest story of surviving, coping, and overcoming severe childhood abuse, Shards of Glass will take you on a roller coaster ride through the past, recounting the journey and offering insight and understanding on how she rebuilt her life when tragedy at a time.

 Author C.W. Seymore says, “I was only praying for reconciliation in a friendship, not to write a damn book!” but a book she did write and thank God Shards of Glass is the life-altering result.

 If you’ve suffered in silence at the hands of a guardian, parent, family member, “friend” or colleague, this book is for you. If you’ve experienced physical, emotional or mental abuse, rape and/or sexual molestation or know someone who has, this is your story. Walk with C. W. Seymore, as she finds her way and walks with God. Together, you will find your way.

 Shards of Glass takes a painful look at generational violence and abuse “My parents were broken parents…” and does so with brutal honesty, that is simultaneously held within a container of hope and faith. “I received eighteen stitches that day,” in reference to her first battle scar. “I have a scar that is three and half inches long and a quarter inch thick.”

 The author’s father acted out his conditioned responses and alcohol-induced terrors on his wife and children year after brutal year. “The bastard always went for the face and head every damn time!” she writes. When she wasn’t being hit in the head or sexually molested, he was attacking her self-esteem by repeatedly yelling, “You’re fat, lazy, ugly, stupid, and you’re never going to amount to anything.”

 Shards of Glass is broken up into “Snapshots”, so readers are not overwhelmed with the memoir’s full frontal assault reliving the author’s childhood. Headings such as Blood and Chocolate MilkRaging FiresEating Through Straws and Comfortably Numb provide a glimpse of what is in store.

 Ms. Seymore says, “My home environment did not change just because I became a Christian,” which took place when she was in middle school, but having friends, faith, the Lord and a newfound awareness of God in her life, was the key to her survival, growth and ability to now tell this tale. A tale that will remind some of Frank McCourt’s life in Angela’s Ashes or Rick Bragg’s childhood memoir All Over But The Shoutin’.

 Shards of Glass is a must read for all survivors of domestic violence, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, sexual molestation and rape. There is something valuable to be gained no matter what the abuse or where you are on your healing journey. The raw honesty and intense inner-dialogue on how CW learns, copes, and overcomes the countless attacks and the endless horrific events, is a true human interest story deserving the highest of praise!Shards of Glass is now available on all E-reader platforms and on, Barnes & Noble, and at other major outlets and retail bookstores online and nationwide.

 CW Seymore lives in Florida and helps guide youth and families to walk a new path. She is available for interviews and motivational speaking engagements via her full contact info herein below.

 Look for the sequel to Shards of Glass entitled “Shattered by Glass” in early 2014.




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