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Cleaver’s Destiny Opens September 27th At Laemmle Playhouse In Pasadena





Cleaver’s Destiny’ is a film that grapples with big issues in a low-key way. The indie film will be released for a week, launching on September 27, for a one-week exclusive run at Laemmle Playhouse in Pasadena.

“‘Cleaver’s Destiny’ deals with the topic of homeless veterans, and if the film can be used to bring awareness to this issue, all the better,” explains versatile director, producer and writer, and co-star Karl Lentini.

The story revolves around Amy Cleaver, a neglected teenager — played by up-and-coming actress, Jenny Leona di Gennaro — who is keen on finding her missing father, Bill — played by Lentini, only to discover that he is a homeless First Gulf War veteran who has no recollection of her. Bill suffers from dementia and lives out his days, listlessly, on the streets of Los Angeles collecting bottles. Then begins a heart-rending journey, as his 18-year-old daughter takes him to people and places he once knew — in a desperate attempt to rekindle the relationship with the father she never had.

Veterans are a major subject in the film, explains Lentini, because he knows so many of them personally, “suffering out there, and some even self-destructing.” However, he says the film is “fertile dramatic ground” for the moving relationship of a girl and her father, finding each other. ‘Cleaver’s Destiny’ is ultimately about how loss can be the motivation for finding love. Lentini and his team use the motif of a family torn apart to showcase the greater issues of war and its unpleasant results.

The group behind ‘Cleaver’s Destiny’ includes Joe di Gennaro, the Director of Photography and co-producer, (documentary and films featured in Sundance, Cannes, New York Underground Film Festival); Rachel Lazor, the Consulting Producer (‘Flowers and Weeds,’ ‘Fun with War Crimes’ and ‘Weathered’); and Alan Chu, the Associate Producer (producing credits include: ‘Natural Born Killers,’ ‘Nixon,’ ‘The Joy Luck Club,’ ‘The Corruptor’ and ‘Looper’).

The film is produced by Lentini’s production company, Dagger Charge Films, and hits the big screen on September 27, 2013 for a one-week run at Laemmle Playhouse in Pasadena, after which it will be released on DVD.

About Karl Lentini – Director / Writer
Karl began making films at age fourteen with his Dad’s super-8 Elmo camera. After graduating from Boston University’s film school Karl moved to Los Angeles, where he crewed on various film and TV projects. He currently works as a projectionist at NT Audio in Santa Monica. He is proud to present to the universe his first feature film, CLEAVER’S DESTINY.

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