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Enter BINGE’S “Original Music And Dance” OMD Video Contest


Binge OMD Contest



Columbia, Maryland — October 26, 2013 — Original Music and Dance (OMD) is the third in a series of video upload contests sponsored by Binge. The first contest was “Live Your Dreams” with DJ Drama, and the second contest was “Speak Up” with Talib Kweli.

Our newest video contest, “Original Music and Dance” (OMD), is focused on exposing and celebrating artists in the Hip Hop community who are creating new Original Music and Dance. Binge’s goal is to give these creative artists help in getting their talent exposed and cash prizes to help support their careers. The OMD video contest will be entertaining, and show the positive impact that Hip Hop artists are having on our culture and community. The contest will run from October 29, 2013 to January 31, 2014 There will be two 1st Prize Winners—one for Music and one for Dance—and each will receive $2,500 cash. In addition, the Top 10 videos in each division will receive a custom designed Binge T-Shirt.

So why is Binge doing this? Binge knows our community has historically contributed to the creation and innovation in music and dance, but today there are many individuals in the Hip Hop community who are not being supported, and might never get their shot to be seen or heard. So, Binge has decided to change this by awarding cash prizes, and to be the vehicle to bring their creative content to hundreds of thousands of people. George Simmons, CEO of Binge, LLC says, “OMD is more than a video contest because it recognizes and celebrates the contributions our community is making to music and dance to uplift and inspire even more innovation and creativity in our community.”

Binge’s goal is to provide a platform for the Hip Hop community to share positive content. Binge is urging music and dance artists to enter the contest, and others to watch, rate and comment on contest videos on Binge.

For more information or to enter the Original Music and Dance (OMD) Video Contest go to


Binge is a video social networking website where users can discover, watch, and share original videos generated by the hip hop community. Our focus is to provide positive video content with messages and stories that entertain as well as inspire, uplift, or inform. Content creators know they can reach their desired hip hop community on Binge.


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