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Home Blog Today, Fri Oct 4 at the Hollywood Black Film Festival !!

Today, Fri Oct 4 at the Hollywood Black Film Festival !!




FRIDAY, OCT 4 at HBFF 2013

9:00am – 7:00pm – Registration (The W Hollywood)


How To Get Your Script Into Production


Sponsored by Quick Film Budget

Join filmmaker Adam Lebovitz for a seminar, as he speaks about the pre-production process and his experience in the film industry. Adam Lebovitz’s credits include “Unrest” (Lionsgate, 2006), “Tortured” (Sony, 2008) and “Bloody Knuckles” (Fox TV Studios, 2009). Through this seminar you will learn how to get your project into production and how to save TIME and MONEY – the two most valuable ingredients to bringing your creative vision to fruition. Adam will help you with: Creating a budget, getting your film financed, the casting process, and how to Sell your film. Adam Lebovitz has launched a revolutionary budgeting tool which he will also demonstrate. Quick Film Budget helps independent and aspiring filmmakers move toward production. It is a user-friendly website that empowers writers, directors, producers, and actors to create professional customized film budgets in minutes. Quick Film Budget is the first budgeting technology to automate the process by asking some key questions and instantly delivers a professional customized film budget. Quick Film Budgets are also modifiable. After the presentation, Adam will make himself available for a Question and Answer session.


11:00am – 12:30pm   Morning Docs (59:00)

A Profile in Courage: Linda L. Smith (25:00)

Prison Body Freedom Soul: The Saga Of Robert Coney (34:00)


11am – 5pm

Beauty Lounge (The W Hollywood, 2nd floor)

Enjoy complimentary mini-services by some of Hollywood’s hottest hair stylists, makeup artist, eyebrow artists, lash specialists and nail artists.  Featuring Hairstylists: Erica, Lena Jaye, Melody, Brooklyn, Darico Jackson, Fabio, Donnell; Eyebrows: Kayla Weiss; Make up and Lashes: Brandie White, Hollywood Faces; Nails: Adam Tran.  Celebrity Co-Host: Tabitha Brown



Creating Content for the New Digital Hollywood

This panel will explore the ever evolving development, distribution and marketing of content and show you how you can take advantage of new opportunities as digital content options are spreading across new platforms such as the web (Internet TV), phones and tablets, and audiences evolve how they watch content.  New programming options created by YouTube, Google, Netflix, Amazon and Yahoo, to name just a few, have changed the strategy for producing content and the way it is monetized.

Panelists:  Jae Kim (All Def Digital), Aaron Bilgrad (Endemol), Ashley Planks(Big Frame)

Moderator: David Bloom, Principal, Words & Deeds



Pitching Yourself & Your Project

You need to be prepared to talk about you and your project at any time or place.  In this workshop, you’ll develop and sharpen your pitch, polish your presentation skills, and learn how to clearly convey your passion and the marketability of your film, TV or new media project.  Then you’ll have an opportunity to use what you just learned while getting mentorship from top executives, producers and artists in the industry.

Moderator: Austyn Biggers (BET)


12:30pm – 2:00pm On The Web & Students (69:00)

Finding My Obama (9:00)

Jump (15:00)

Life Coach Chronicles (8:00)

Hub City (16:00)

Mommy Uncensored: Confessions of A Real Mom (7:00)

Southern Hospitality (14:00)



The Creative Process – Workshop

This panel discussion will help filmmakers understand the creative process and how to tackle the daunting task of creating a television show.  How do producers and industry gatekeepers decide to take on a project?  How do you assemble the right team?  How to polish a script?  How do actors interpret the story?  The questions can be endless for a new filmmaker.  This panel serves to answer some of those questions with practical answers.

Presenter: Bentley Evans (Writer-Producer)


2:00pm – 3:30pm       Students Program #1 (69:00)

Beyond the Echo of the Drum (20:00)

Tin (7:00)

Death of a Wizard (16:00)

Dust (9:00)

Nigga…Nigga…NIGGA!* (17:00)



Out of This World: Writing & Producing Sci-Fi

Project Stargazer presented in partnership with Act One

Do you have an idea for a movie that is worlds away or light years ahead of its time? This panel will talk about how to flesh out your futuristic hero, create detailed new worlds, weave your fiction from the laws of physics and the universe, and transcend the typical science fiction story to write a really special script. A good sci-fi movie relies on both a high concept idea and the emotions of a human story to make it enduring. Learn how to turn your idea into a working screenplay that crafts a visual narrative and tells a compelling story then bring it all together in post-production to create an epic-looking film that is visually stunning and keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seats.  Explore the technologies, visual effects and CG Environment techniques that increase the production value of your sci-fi film. This panel will feature writers, directors, producers, and visual effects supervisors discussing the essential creative elements of storytelling and how they intersect with technology to create ground-breaking and original films.
Moderator: Christina Lee Storm, Executive Director, Act One
Panelists: Steve Duncan, Professor of Screenwriting, Loyola Marymount University, Writer, Producer, Kevin Grevioux, Actor, Screenwriter, Producer and Comic Book Writer/Creator, Scott Leberecht, Visual Effects, Bill Marsili, Screenwriter. Jon Meier, Visual Effects, Leo Partible, Master Screenwriting Teacher, Act One and Comic Book Writer/Creator


3:30pm – 5:30pm  Students Program #2 (93:00)

Fall Beats (10:00)

Secrets for Strangers (7:00)

Girls Like Us! Part 1* (76:00)



High Tech Hollywood: Presented by Lightspeed eps

The internet’s influence on motion pictures is relatively new but already has affected distribution, intellectual property rights, and revenue models. In each of these cases a new technology threatens or displaces established business practices. What changes should one anticipate next? Those of us practicing our craft over the next several decades need to be keenly aware of the technological environment in which we’ll be operating. An understanding of what’s cutting edge and what’s on the drawing board is a valuable asset. How does the internet change the way we make movies?Join Jim Fitzgerald, Founder, Lightspeed eps, Bruce Sands, formerly with Sony Pictures Entertainment, andJason Brubaker of to discuss how today’s emerging internet technologies will help filmmakers run tomorrow’s high tech, green productions. Participants will see the latest paperless production tools from Lightspeed.

Panelists: Jim FitzgeraldBruce SandsJason Brubaker



A Conversation with Producer Debra Martin Chase

Moderator: Allison Samuels, The Daily Beast


5:30pm – 7:15pm Shorts Program #1 (81:00)

One Night a Stranger (13:00)

Nameless (15:00)

00:03:00 Thriller (6:00)

Used to BE (19:00)

Troubled Man (5:00)

The Coffers (23:00)


5:00pm – 7:00pm

HBFF Happy Hour (The W Hollywood Living Room)


7:30pm – 9:15pm

American Beatboxer (85:00)



Storyteller Live Staged Reading (The W Hollywood Great Room 1 & 2)


9:15pm – 11:00pm

Hard Time Bus (90:00)




A festival pass grants you access to ALL festival events over the 5-day festival (movies, panels, parties, special events) for $475.  You can also purchase a day pass for $125, single panel passes for $30 each, and screening tickets for $15 each.

Go to >> to view the entire schedule.


The Only FREE Event : HBFF Storyteller Showcase
The 3 finalist scripts from the HBFF Storyteller Competition will have their scripts showcased by actors in a staged performance on Friday, Oct 4 at 7pm at The W Hotel.  The HBFF Storyteller Showcase is directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones and produced by Cuffie-Jones and Alexia Peebles.
patricia cuffie-jonesThe 3 finalists are:


Nadria Tucker, Los Angeles CA

Madame Charlie


Devvin Mattison, Arlington TX

The Pack


Shington Lamy, Tallahassee FL

Esteem Ladies of Hope


This event is presented FREE of charge.  You have to sign up in advance at

First come, first served.


Beauty Lounge


Celebrity Hairstylist Erica

The Beauty Lounge is the place where Hollywood’s tastemakers can connect and get pampered – a moment of respite from the sensory and information overload that prevails during the festival.

The Beauty Lounge will feature:

+ Mini Services — Hair, Makeup, Nail, Eyebrows and Eyelashes

+ Styling Demonstrations


Darico Jackson
Celebrity Hairstylist Darico




Hairstylists – Erica JemisonDarico JacksonLisa PoliteMelody BarrowHelena JonesBrittney Bell


Nail Artist – Adam Tran


Make-up artists – Brandie WhiteElsie DanielsShanita HeardDebra HarrisMonica ArroyaKatrina Gonzales


Eyebrow Threader – Kayla Weiss


An all-access pass gets you into the beauty lounge.  The perfect chance to you to find your new Hollywood styling/image team.


How to Attend HBFF
The Hollywood Black Film Festival runs October 2-6, 2013.  You can find out more information at
The official festival venues are the Montalban Theatre (film screenings) and The W Hollywood (panels, workshops, Storyteller, Monologue Slam, Beauty Lounge) which are directly across the street from each other.  There is metered parking and parking lots all in the area.  We recommend Grant Park on the corner of Vine and Selma (next door to the Montalban) for $10 all day parking
All are welcome to attend!
Registration is held daily on the 2nd floor of The W Hollywood, 6250 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA.  Here are hours you can pick up or purchase your passes and tickets:
Wednesday, October 2:   12noon-3pm
Thursday, October 3:        9am-5pm
Friday, October 4:            9am-5pm
Saturday, October 5:        9am-7pm
Sunday, October 6:         11am-2pm
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Hollywood Black Film Festival
8306 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2057
Beverly Hills, California 90211

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