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Home ” A Right Kind of Wrong,” In Theaters March 14th, 2014

” A Right Kind of Wrong,” In Theaters March 14th, 2014



Some reviewers are calling this film corny, predictable, and unrealistic; I on the other hand found it romantic, charming, funny and hopeful. So maybe I’m just a sucker for feel good love stories and a happy ending when boy meets girl and falls in love against all odds.  So in that sense I guess you can say “The Right Kind Of Wrong,” is predictable but I had a lot of fun watching Leo(Ryan Kwanten) pursue the girl of his dreams Collette(Sara Canning) who Leo spots on her wedding day.

Leo is depressed by his wife’s success  as a writer all due to her blog about his inability to be a good husband. Her blog about him  titled,”Why You Suck” is an internet hit, and things only gets worse for Leo as book deals and movie offers roll in for his wife played by Kristen Hager.  A writer himself turned dish washer Leo just can’t seem to catch a break until he sees Collette and it’s love at first kick. That’s right Leo’s is enarmored but the way she punts a footaball that he accidentally throws her way. In her stunning wedding dress Collette picks us her dress and nails a touch down as Leo watches in awe with love written all over his face. Of course in Leo’s  unrealistic world he decides to pursue Collette; which he does with an obsession based on madness.

” A Right Kind Of Wrong,” is also beautifully shot with nature’s vibrant colors jumping off the big screen. With that said if you like romantic movies and believe dreams are possible then “A Right Kind Of Wrong,” maybe just be the right kind of movie for you.

Reviewed by: Joy Parris

Available on VOD and Opens in theaters March 14th,2014

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