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Honeymoon A Film By Jan Hrebejk



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 HONEYMOON is a “Czech” film that falls between two worlds: family and memories off the past.  The first hour is all wedding ceremony (it should’ve been 20-25 minutes). No real Conflict. However, the cinematography was beautiful. When the Weird guy gives his speech about being bullied at school, the movie comes alive; it moves.

The last hour hour gained power and intensity, but the scene with the Urn did not work…  the Flashbacks did. I wish the author(s) would write for the world rather than for Czechoslavakia alone.

That is the reason we hope the Director does two more films in his native land BEFORE coming to Hollywood and, possibly, get torn to pieces.  In short, this movie is not for everyone.  The artfulness and the part about Bullies were appreciated, however.


Reviewed by:  Ken DelConte


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