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“Wrong” A Film By Quentin Dupieux




WRONG  is not always right, and it is not for everyone.  But for anyone who keeps waiting for the perfect time to make a Feature film…  there is no perfect time.   Write 90 pages of  Fun stuff and shoot it to please your own personality.  Apparently,  Director Quentin Dupieux believes in this maxim.  He writes, shoots and directs
his Features. Smartly, he chooses wonderful actors for his films.  Jack Plotnick is a modern-day  Harold Lloyd.  He did everything but hang off a clock. He is supported by the lovely, ditsy actress  Alexis Dziena, a happy
miniature Goldie Hawn (and that’s a compliment).  Steve Little played a grossly hilarious Detective, trying to find Plotnick’s missing dog.
                                                                                      William Fichtner
A bonus was Marc Burnham as a blunt, no-nonsense cop  (He later had the Lead Role in  WRONG COP, and I loved it). The biggest surprise was the role of Master Chang, played by,  of all people,  William Fichtner, pony-tail and all.  His wonderful accent made him seem like a kooky  Ghandhi, and we will wait for the  sequel for more of him.
   Actually,  WRONG reminded me of  a semi-American version of Jean-Luc Godard’s  PIERROT LE FOU,  which was a series of non-sequiturs that sometimes worked… and sometimes didn’t. The brilliant scene with the  dog poop filming the missing dog from the “inside,”  the scene where our protagonist is fired from his job,  and the  tricky scene where  Plotnick finally finds the dog are all  neat gems in this whacky,  “little”  movie.
wrong_filmstill01_jackplotnick_byquentindupieux__medium (1)
    A Shout-Out to Film Festival Flix (FFF) and Mouse Trap Films for taking the chance to show small,  truly independent films that might not ever be seen in the “Bigs.”  Diamonds, large or small, are still diamonds.   Power to the people who take the chances on the  slanted visions.
    Save my seat, and hold the popcorn.
   Reviewed by Ken DelConte


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