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Home The Pham Fatale Show With Chef Jacqueline Pham-How To Wrap Eggrolls

The Pham Fatale Show With Chef Jacqueline Pham-How To Wrap Eggrolls



Their sits the quintessential eggroll on the menu in most Asian restaurants; and if it’s done right you get the most amazing combination of flavors with just the right crunch. Now, making eggrolls (chả giò) isn’t complicated as it seems. Once you master the art of rolling, you’ll see how fairly simple the preparation is. The meat filling is mixed raw and then is transferred to an assembly line for folding and frying. You could make them with a vegetarian filling as well.

The method is the same for fresh spring rolls (gỏi cuốn), also known as summer rolls. They’re filled with lettuce, fresh herbs such as Thai basil, Chinese chives and Vietnamese mint, bean sprout, cucumbers, rice vermicelli noodles, boiled meat and shrimp and sometimes tofu.

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I  have included the recipes in my latest cookbook, Banh Mi, because if you enter a banh mi shop, you’ll find not only the Vietnamese-style sandwiches, baguettes of course, warm, flaky croissants, bánh patê sô. This scene could describe just about any Parisian boulangerie.  But if you were to look a little closer, in this particular bakery you would also find spring rolls, eggrolls and Asian pearl drinks. Hope you enjoy it!


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