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Frank Vs God Premires At Dances With Films 2014




After his house is destroyed by a tornado that his insurance company deems an “Act of God,” former hotshot lawyer David Frank (Henry Ian Cusick) is determined that someone must pay. He decides to serve God…with a lawsuit. David’s provocative and clever legal antics turn the courtroom into a riveting spectacle as he cross-examines representatives of the world’s religions. But when he meets his match–charming and intelligent defense lawyer Rachel (Ever Carradine)–sparks fly and his assumptions are challenged. David’s act of desperation just might be his salvation.  Clever and thought-provoking, “Frank vs. God” raises questions about faith and religion with a light-hearted tone and an open mind. The film is an uplifting story of one man’s search for answers, by taking them to a higher court.

PRODS: Scott Schill, Alan Pruzan, Daniel Springen, Jillian Stein, Jeff


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