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Mary Mary Answers Some Personal Questions In Sister2Sister Magazine



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WE TV’s Grammy Winning Gospel Duo Mary Mary Answers All Questions Regarding Tina’s Husband’s Marital Infidelity And Erica’s Solo Career In The June/July Issue Of Sister2Sister Magazine




After wrapping up the third season of the self-titled reality TV series Mary Mary, which airs on We TV, Sister2Sister Magazine caught up to both members of this dynamic duo. The two sisters profess their faith, love for their family and belief in wholehearted honesty.


Tina opens up about her painful journey to forgiveness after learning of her husband, Teddy Campbell, multiple affairs and discusses how it impacted her life in her upcoming book. “I know every explicit detail of every single thing with every single affair,” says Tina.  Tina also talks about her emotional battle.  “I was tortured, I was tortured dealing with that information, but guess what? I forgave every bit of it, and I love my husband immensely. I love my husband with all the passion that I have,” says Tina.


Erica, who recently started her solo career with great success, confesses what lead to this decision and how it is affecting the relationship with her sister. “ The reason I started the solo career is because I just wanted to keep working and Tina didn’t,” says Erica.  In reference to her brother-in-law Teddy, she said, “I think he made a mistake, I don’t think he was a mistake,” Erica stated.



Tina reveals that due to all the drama surrounding the infidelity revelation, she was contemplating ending her TV role on the popular reality show after shooting five episodes this past season. “Yeah, you know, I’d have to say that I majored in being a foolish woman.’’  She goes on to say, “I was the egotistical, beat-your-chest kind of, I’m successful, I don’t need you, I just want you,” Tina states in regards to her reaction to her husband’s actions.


To find out what Tina is doing to rebuild her marriage and why Erica went solo, pick up the June/July Issue of Sister2Sister Magazine and visit to view additional stories on M



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