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Richie Luna Gives The World A Reason To Celebrate With His Music Video


Richie Luna’s “Celebrate!” (The Call To Light) video debut on Yahoo Music recently and the reviews are in…

richie lina 2_opt

“Richie Luna is using the power of music to promote peace.” – Yahoo Music

 “I seriously cannot get enough of it. The video is 10 minutes long but, so worth it. He takes it back to the days when Michael Jackson would make a video and it would be viewed as an event.”  – Indie Spotlight

“Spectacular!” – Hot Popular

 “Celebrate!” is the first in a series of movie-styled shorts.  The message behind ‘Celebrate!’ is that life is not always happy,” Richie said. “It is difficult and filled with obstacles that must be overcome. Each of us has a choice to defeat the darkness inside of us and become the Luna (light). If you decide to become a Luna, you defeat your darkness, and you inevitably let your light shine through celebration.”

Richie Luna is coming from the moon to planet Earth to spark a global revolution turned celebration, fueled by his positive music, energy and dance.

Independent music artist, Richie Luna produced an astounding music video teaser for “Celebrate!” that was released on YouTube in May 2013. The video teaser broke an unbelievable 5 million YouTube viewssince and landed at the # 1 Spot on the YouTube Charts for “Most Popular Video Around the Web”.

With close to 90 thousand Twitter follows (@TeamLunatic) and nearly 40,000 Facebook Fans (Richie Luna (Official)), Richie Luna’s social media presence is growing strongly by the day.

Celebrate with Richie Luna!

About Richie Luna

Richie Luna is an independent World music songwriter, artist and film producer from Trinidad.  “Lighting The Way” was the first piece of music that he produced which became so successful that it was re-produced by DJ Ammo, producer for the Black Eyed Peas, Brittney Spears and Sean Paul and re-recorded by Latin GRAMMY winning rapper, Pitbull, in addition to Machel Montano who is the King of Soca Music in Trinidad and Tobago.


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