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Carvery Kitchen The Next Big Deli


Rich Girl Host Tensie Taylor got first taste of fabulous tasting sandwiches at the press tasting at Carvery Kitchen. This eatery will be sure to be a stand out as a crowd pleaser in Santa Monica located at 3101 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica California 90405.

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With Carvery Kitchen, Shishalovsky expands that idea into “the art of the deli” and a new concept in fast-casual dining. Using California’s rich agriculture and abundance of meats, he uses traditional recipes, twisting them with new flavors and textures. Housemade Pastrami, just roasted beef and poultry as well as fish are used to make the American classic “French dip” sandwiches. (The term “French dip” refers to the type of bread, either French or a baguette are used in assembling the sandwich.) Furthermore, Shishalovsky’s new “art of the deli” concept features around the world flavors such as Chicken Caprese (Italy), Banh Mi Porchetta (Vietnam), Puebla BBQ Brisket (Mexico) or Buffalo Pastrami (the Carolinas) using a Southern-inspired BBQ sauce.


Tensie enjoying the Turkey dip sandwich
Tensie enjoying the Turkey dip sandwich

Owner and Chef Roman Shishalovsky was born in Soviet Union, during the height of the Cold War, in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The region was under communist rule when Roman was a child and opportunities were limited for all. Between working on the collective cotton farms, (which were entirely government owned), milking goats, pushing rocks in wheel barrows, and as many other odd jobs he could find to help his family make ends meet, Roman started wrestling and eventually became a world-class champion. Roman became a seven-time Greco-Roman wrestling champion of the Uzbekistan Republic, a country of over 20,000,000 population and twice silver medalist of the Soviet Union at that time. He is still considered one of the all-time greatest Soviet wrestlers.


Tensie Taylor

“We are committed to serving incredibly delicious, healthy and fresh delicatessen food in a style that enunciates the abundance of fresh produce that we have in California,” said Chef/ Owner Roman Shishalovsky.  “Our vision, my daughters and I, has been to share our passion for incredible food by creating traditional dishes with California’s wholesomeness. By using garden fresh produce and just butchered meats, we have created a new “deli” concept in dining. My daughters and I are excited about this new venture, using our family recipes and bringing that food-centric passion to the vibrant Santa Monica and Los Angeles food scene.”



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