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‘Chef’ Now Available On Blu Ray And Digital HD


JON  FAVREAU  has created the Feel-Good Movie of this year—perhaps any year.


Lovely Cuban Music dominates the Soundtrack as all the Actors dominate the screen.  You have  Sophia Vergara (as the ex-wife), John LeGuizamo and Bobby Cannavale as  fellow chefs,  Dustin Hoffman as the Boss, Oliver Platt as the foot critic,  lovely Scarlett Johannson (as Girl Friday) and a new young boy (Emjay Anthony)  who is perfect as the monosyllabic son.   Mention must be made for  Robert Downey, jr.  who is greatly bizarre, hilarious, touching  in  a brief scene vital to the plot.



It is the Lynchpin to the entire last act of this  fine screenplay.  Without giving away too much of the plot,  we can say  the story concerns a   “Driven Man” who  learns to connect with his son.  Also, there are quite a few ad libs to this piece.  My favorite: showing the song how to shop,  the father says, “Grab these. They’re called  Plantains— platanos.  Watch out for the spiders.” And watch out for the wonderful comedy with heart.  It is  even better  seeing it a second time (which we did).  Cubans will love this movie.  It is Jon  Favreau’s  Masterwork.

This film shows us the value of having family, good friends and following your passion.

 Arriba!  ‘Riba, ‘Riba !!
Reviewed by Ken Del Conte

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