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Topic of the Week: Naturally Beautiful! Products That Are All Natural

The Golden Door Spa
The Golden Door Spa
It’s been years now that all-natural lifestyles have gained more and more attention. The questioning of what really goes into our food, what ingredients are really used in those bath and beauty products have driven a large amount of the world’s population seeking a healthier alternative to all of these things.People have been more aware over the last several years of how harmful ingredients when either consumed or placed topically on the body can have long lasting negative side effects. As an effort to regulate these products and food items that claim to be all natural- government agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have stepped in to set guidelines for these product claims.FDA Approved: The law doesn’t require that the FDA approve cosmetic products or ingredients. What the FDA does regulate is the use of color additives in cosmetic products, as well as accurate product labeling.

USDA Organic: The USDA is the only governmental agency that can that can give that “Certified Organic” seal. That seal states that 95% or more of the ingredients and contents of the product are free of pesticides, growth hormones, fertilizers, antibiotics, and radiation.

The all-natural and organic industry is a billion dollar industry with more companies of all industries trying to get a slice. There are gas giants looking for ways to avoid harming the environment less. Beauty brands are looking for more natural ways to preserve ingredients and increase product efficiency by using higher concentrated ingredients.

In general, people are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, seeking healthier options from the way the fabric their clothes are made of is cultivated, the type of soil their tomatoes grow in and what ingredients are really going into their coveted cosmetics.

There are conferences where brands and agencies can attend to learn more about natural guidelines and how to regulate their product like Sustainable Cosmetics Summit and ICMAD FDA Workshop.

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