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Home Blog Street Dancers Compete From Around The World @ KOD (Keep On Dancing) World Cup

Street Dancers Compete From Around The World @ KOD (Keep On Dancing) World Cup



Street Dancers Compete from Around The World @ KOD (Keep On Dancing) World Cup  to the Sounds of Hip Hop Icon Busta Rhymes,  GRAMMY Nominated Just Blaze & West Coast Legend WC April 5 – 8 Los Angeles

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About KOD (Keep On Dancing)

In 2004, KOD, also known as, “Keep on Dancing”, began in Beijing with an idea of introducing Hip-hop culture to Chinese culture. Before KOD, the thought of Hip-hop and Streetdance in China was unacceptable with little known information about it. The vision our company was built from had created a movement that quickly spread. This was something that has never been done before, dance competitions that played Hip-hop music, embraced the clothing, and style of dance. We are the innovators of Hip-hop in China.


KOD founder, Bo Gao, has held our Streetdance competitions in Beijing, China and Seoul, Korea. In 2014, we celebrated our 10-year milestone in business and celebrated with “KOD 10”, Streetdance competition and the opening of “5+5”, a Hip-hop dance studio that is known for a faculty of the most recognized and highly skilled dancers and choreographers in Beijing, China.


KOD is has turned its attention to the rest of the world with its inaugural International Street Dance Competition, “KOD World Cup.” They have selected 8 countries to take part of this new movement for dance. Auditions were held in each country with a total of 15 dancers selected for each National team. The finals will be held in Los Angeles, California around March/April 2016. For additional information visit are website


About Vlado Footwear

Established in 2003 with the need to bring a lifestyle brand that would set itself apart from the ordinary, Vlado Footwear embarked on a path to be Exceptional. Starting with a few select styles for men, Vlado Footwear quickly achieved industry recognition. Several industry publications proclaimed Vlado Footwear the brand to watch.


With the ideology of producing innovative designs, Vlado Footwear has stuck to using avant-garde materials. Pushing for innovation of new production techniques, development, and resourcing of new materials, Vlado Footwear has separated itself from the ordinary moving forward to deliver an exceptional brand worldwide.


From a bold vision to an incomparable reality, Vlado Footwear continues to produce highly sought after footwear known for its performance and style. With a promise to bring more exciting styles and cutting edge designs, Vlado Footwear will continue to push the envelope not only for success but to bring a lifestyle brand to all the forward thinking fashion minded individuals.  Visit our website:


About Control Sector

Control Sector is a NYC – based contemporary streetwear brand. We aim to defy conventions yet remain wearable. Dress for what’s next…




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