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BUZZR Teaches Viewers How To Tell the Truth in Special TV Marathon




Let the summer game shows begin!!  In order to kick-off summer with a splash, on Sunday June 12th, BUZZR will air a marathon of vintage To Tell The Truth episodes featuring Betty White.  The To Tell the Truth marathon will begin at noon and will include the pilot episode which was entitled Nothing But the Truth and was hosted by Mike Wallace.  This lost pilot episode, which will air at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT was created in 1956 but has never before aired on television.   Additional vintage episodes will also be included and will feature a collection of memorable guests, inventive lines of questioning, and sneaky impostors.


To Tell the Truth features a panel of four celebrities whose object is to correctly identify a described contestant who has an unusual occupation or experience. This central character is accompanied by two impostors who pretend to be him/her.   The celebrity panelists question the three contestants.  While the impostors are allowed to lie, the central character is sworn “to tell the truth”.  After questioning, the celebrity panel attempts to identify which of the three challengers is telling the truth and is thus the actual person they claim to be. 


BUZZR’s To Tell the Truth marathon will offer a great re-introduction to this game show format leading up to ABC’s premiere of the newly re-imagined series.  The new To Tell the Truthwill be hosted by Anthony Anderson and will premiere on ABC Tuesday, June 14th with a special sneak peek at 8:00 PM ET/PT, followed by the series premiere at 10:00 PM ET/PT.


Quick BUZZR Facts:

·       BUZZR To Tell the Truth Marathon airs on Sunday, June 12th from 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM ET

·       5 new to BUZZR To Tell the Truth episodes will be included

·       Pilot episode of Nothing But the Truth, hosted by Mike Wallace, will air at 8:00 PM ET and again at 12:00 AM ET


BUZZR Celebrates 75 Years of Game Shows

This unique programming initiative is one of the many ways that BUZZR is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the television Game Show genre throughout 2016.  The first game show to air on broadcast television was Truth or Consequences in 1941.  Since then, game shows have become a tried and true form of entertainment throughout the globe, with BUZZR being the one place that fans can experience the most comprehensive look at this entertaining 75-year history.


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BUZZR, a digital multicast network from FremantleMedia North America, is a time capsule – re-airing and reimagining vintage game shows to be culturally relevant today and bringing them to a new multi-screen audience. FremantleMedia has unlocked the vault on six decades of vintage game shows, many only seen once and then shelved. Iconic titles that were featured when the channel launched include Family Feud, featuring hosts Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, Louis Anderson, Richard Karn and John O’Hurley; Let’s Make a Deal, featuring host Monty Hall; as well as famed titles To Tell the TruthPasswordMatch Game, Beat the ClockWhat’s My LineBlockbusters and Card Sharks. Curated for fun, BUZZER celebrates the hilarity and excitement that the game show genre has provided for generations.  That emotional connection is timeless and the games look and feel are retro-cool. On TV, these game shows and so many more have been seen in primetime for the first time.  



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