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FilmBuff Acquires ‘I Am Gangster’ At 2016 Dances With Films Festival


Dances With Films Film Festival, director Moritz Rechenberg and his Reflektiv Film Company have announced the acquisition of his feature film I AM GANGSTER by distributor FilmBuff.  This is the first acquisition at the 2016 Dances With Films festival.

Abraham Bobadilla
Abraham Bobadilla

FilmBuff will release I AM GANGSTER Worldwide on all VOD platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu, later this year.

I AM GANGSTER tells the story of three young men in East Los Angeles trying to survive on a daily basis. While idealistic rookie cop David is able to keep his family safe until use-of-force incidents put him under pressure to make a fateful decision, hardcore gang member Lito steps into dangerous territory when he defies gang matriarch Tia in his hustle for wealth and power. At the same time, rebellious teenager Rio flirts with gang life until he has to deal with his own guilt over a tragic death.

Rick Mancia
Rick Mancia

I AM GANGSTER was birthed from a collaboration with members of the Teen Club of Hazard Park in East Los Angeles, when Rechenberg and these teenagers created a short film called TICKED back in 2008. Eight years later, he’s come full circle with this insightful feature length film. Rechenberg was inspired by their stories, as well as by legendary Los Angeles filmmaker Charles Burnett and his classic KILLER OF SHEEP. I AM GANGSTER brings a non-judgmental, unapologetic portrait of life on the streets of the City of Angels.

“We are excited to be working with FilmBuff as our distributor for the film,” states producer Ralf Weinfurtner. 

“We at Reflektiv wanted to make a good film, tell an important story and get it out to the people,” says writer/director Rechenberg. “FilmBuff is a great place for our film as they have successfully distributed other indie films in the marketplace.”


Along with industry veterans Marlene Forte (FEAR OF THE WALKING DEAD, DALLAS) and David Barrera (THE BRIDGE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY), I AM GANGSTER presents three new dynamic and talented actors in the lead roles. In an era of #OscarsSoWhite, this film places the spotlight on this diverse group of newcomers. Rick Mancia (EAST LOS HIGH), Gilberto Ortiz (LADY DYNAMITE) and impressive first timer Abraham Bobadilla lead the cast with explosive and touching performances that will leave audiences wanting to see more of them on screen in the future.

“Our collaboration with the youth, the leaders, families and community in East Los Angeles is key to the film, and we are proud to have been able to work with them in making the feature,” adds director Rechenberg. “Our actors are all new and we were astonished by their performances. We know that they will have successful careers, whatever path they choose.”

Gilberto Ortiz-Rio
Gilberto Ortiz-Rio


WRITERS: Moritz Rechenberg, Caroline Chang, Mark McKeown, Kelly Parker
DIRECTOR: Moritz Rechenberg
PRODUCER: Ralf Weinfurtner
CAST: Abraham Bobadilla, Gilberto Ortiz, Rick Mancia, Mario Ardila Jr, Kelli Strader, Alex Ortiz, Gloria Garayua, Ada Luz Pla, Hector Bucio, David Barrera, Marlene Forte



Reflektiv is a Los Angeles, CA based independent film production label founded in November 2009. Reflektiv produces quality, feature narrative films, documentaries and web content revolving around contemporary socio-political issues. While Reflektiv strives to produce work that is distinct in style, technique and storytelling, it is our goal to bring underrepresented issues into the public arena and to produce a compelling and thought-provoking product. 


FilmBuff is an award-winning full-service global sales and distribution company, with a focus on delivering high quality, compelling film and video to targeted audiences. Founded in 2007, FilmBuff consistently introduces audiences to the best in independent film, including Oscar-nominated EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, Sundance Audience Award winner, SENNA, Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN, Jared Leto’s ARTIFACT, Adam Carolla’s ROAD HARD, THE INTERNET’S OWN BOY, BURT’S BUZZ, THE INVITATION, SPRING, and many others. Offering a comprehensive array of services and solutions for today’s evolving media landscape, FilmBuff partners with creative filmmakers, publishers and brand marketers to reach, engage and inspire viewers around the world. Connect with FilmBuff at and @FilmBuff.



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