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Sold Out Stage Play “Billie” Is Back For One Night Only!


(Los Angeles, CA) – Playwright Billie King, has produced and directed her authentic memoir to stage play, “Billie”. It played to a sold out audience in May and by popular demand, it’s back for one more night on Thursday, June 30 @ 8 PM at the ACME Hollywood Theater, 135 N. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


“Billie” tells her story in Compton, California during the late 80s to 90s as a young girl pursuing her dreams to become a hip-hop artist during the Death Row music era, while trying to survive the poverty, abuse, and addiction facing her family. “Billie” will captivate audiences with its gritty realism. The author boldly opens a window into her life—a life with her drug-addicted mother, an abusive father whom she both idolizes and fears, and a sister who has dark secrets.


Actress Janice Robinson plays the lead role of Billie and gives a performance for the ages that will not be forgotten.  Robinson, as well as a team of actors, gives a performance that will give you chills.  These talented actors portray perfectly what life was like for Billie and allow you to take a look from her perspective.  


King states, “Attendees are sure to find excitement in how this play unfolds.  This is the perfect play for families dealing with challenges and adversity as love, resiliency and strength are played out.”


About Billie King and “Billie”

The play is written, directed and produced by Billie King.  An excerpt from the book Billie even has a short film based on it called “The Red Barn.”  The short film The Red Barn has gone on to win awards and garnered critical acclaim because of its portrayal of the life of young Billie set in the pulsating enigma of Compton, California in the late 1980’s and the 1990’s. The book that has impacted the lives of so many now comes to stage.  The intimate details of the book are not lost as this emotional play portrays every raw detail.



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