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TBS New Comedy ‘Wrecked’ Premieres With An Outstanding Ensemble Cast June 14


A plane crashes on a deserted Island and the survivors have to fend for themselves as anarchy and chaos reign-who among them can lead the group? Sounds like ‘Lost’. N0!  There will never me another ‘Lost’.

But Wrecked a comedy about a group of survivors of a plane crash who are stranded on a deserted island debuting  June 14 at 10 p.m. ET, with a second episode to follow at 10:30 p.m on TBS will have you laughing from the very first scene in the pilot episode.  With no modern conveniences, the survivors must learn how to live without social media, WiFi, indoor plumbing, and Chipolte while hoping to be rescued. Wrecked,  written, and produced by brothers Justin Shipley and Jordan is a funny, cleverly written ensemble comedy showcasing some of the best comedic talent today. We watched the first five episodes and couldn’t stop laughing; can’t wait to watch five more.  

The cast includes: The ensemble cast for Wrecked includes Zach Cregger (About a BoyMiss March), Rhys Darby (What We Do in the ShadowsYes Man), Jessica Lowe (BlendedGlitch), Asif Ali (The 4 to 9ers: The Day CrewAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Ally Maki (2 Broke GirlsHot in Cleveland), Will Greenberg (CloverfieldHalt and Catch Fire), Brooke Dillman(SuperbadBob’s Burgers), Ginger Gonzaga (TedThe Morning After) and Brian Sacca (The Wolf of Wall StreetSingle Dads).

Wrecked comes to TBS from the fresh minds of writers and executive producers Justin Shipley & Jordan Shipley and producer Jesse Hara (Night OwlsHappythankyoumoreplease). Moses Port (CommunityHappy Endings) serves as executive producer and showrunner on the series, which is being produced by TBS. 





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