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‘A Man Called Ove’ A Film by Hannes Holm





A Man Called Ove’ a delightful, funny film  by filmmaker Hannes Holm about a man who faces deep loss and his inability to cope. I love films that show the resilience of human nature and the power of love. In this extremely funny, delightful film Ove(brilliantly played by  Rolf Lassgård)- a man who has a difficult time processing the loss of his wife. The film opens with Ove at the market buying flowers and we immediately get a sense of who he is-grumpy,rigid and downright cantankerous.

Ove: Rolf Lassgård
Ove: Rolf Lassgård/Courtesy of Music Box Films

It gets so much better when we find out Ove was the Housing Association President (they fired him)but he still goes around acting like the President laying down rules and keeping folks in shape.  All that changes when new neighbors move in (Parvaneh pregnant with her husband and two children) and Ove has to assert the rules of the neighborhood (though he is no longer in charge) and is in the process of trying to hang himself-amidst numerous interruptions.

A Man Called Ove - 1
Rolf Lassgård, Nelly Jamarani, Bahar Pars and Zozan Akgün in A MAN CALLED OVE. Courtesy of Music Box Films.

In Ove’s final attempt to kill himself, the director takes us on a flashback journey that beautifully shows us the landscape of his past that shaped his future. With stunning visual cinematography and a great music score this film will satisfy all your senses and leave you with hope.

 Young Ove: Filip Berg Sonja: Ida Engvoll
Young Ove: Filip Berg Sonja: Ida Engvoll
Courtesy Music Box Films

I won’t divulge too much of the story only to say “A Man Called Ove’ is funny, heartbreaking and hopeful, a love story that warms the heart, and it’s on our list as one of the best foreign films of 2016.


A Man Called Ove - 5
Director/Writer Hannes Holm and Rolf Lassgård in A MAN CALLED OVE. Courtesy of Music Box Films.


Cast-Ove: Rolf Lassgård, Young Ove: Filip Berg, Sonja: Ida Engvoll,Parvaneh: Bahar Pars, Patrick: Tobias Almborg, Jimmy: Klas Wiljergard, 

Anita: Chatarina Larsson, Rune:Borje Lundberg


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