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Home Margaret Tomaszewicz Gives Celebrities ‘The Golden Look’ for Oscar 2017

Margaret Tomaszewicz Gives Celebrities ‘The Golden Look’ for Oscar 2017


Margaret Tomaszewicz copy

Getting ready for any red carpet event is stressful but it is even more intense during Award Season in Hollywood. With the Emmys, Grammys and the big daddy of them all ‘The Oscars’ it’s a whirlwind of frenetic activity like being in the eye of the storm to get the right dress, accessories and shoes with celebrity stylist scrambling to achieve the ‘RIGHT LOOK” for the movie stars. But nothing can compare to making sure your makeup is stunning and your face glowing like the GOLDEN OSCAR himself.  Well I got a head start with a fantastic Red Carpet 24 Karat Gold Facial at European Skin and Massage Studio with Owner Margaret Tomaszewicz.


24 Karat Gold Mask
Celebrity 24 Karat Gold Mask

With over 25 years in the beauty industry Margaret knows the skin inside and out. Her approach to great skin is making sure her product line is free of chemicals and skin irritants. After years of helping major name brands develop and launch their products/companies Margaret felt it was time to start out on her own, so with a strong spirit of determination and a thoroughly researched product line she opened her European Skin and Massage Studio at Salon Republic in Santa Monica, California. She knew in creating her product line the importance of making sure that the results had to be immediate but also beneficial to the skin and best of all a simple process with easy steps for clients to use and apply. Now since many of us can’t always find the time to get in the salon for the ultimate Red Carpet 24 Karat Gold Facial Margaret created a take home jar you can purchase online for that amazing golden look. Her gold is of the highest quality from carefully selected vendors and she pointed out the damage inferior quality gold can do to one’s skin.

Joy Parris and Margaret Tomaszewicz
Joy Parris and Margaret Tomaszewicz

But back to my Spa experience, I was served a delicious cup of coffee and then I slipped on her warm and cozy beauty bed to experience my luxury facial. It  began with an amazing cleansing massage and Margaret has the best massage hands( yes, that’s right and I am so very picky) the pampering and care from Margaret is just one of the keys to her success as an Esthetician.  Her knowledge of skin care is vast and she keeps up with all the latest technology in the skincare industry.


In today’s stressful world taking time out to pamper oneself is so important for maintaining a healthy mindset.  As Margaret stated, ‘With so many man made pollutants in the air our skin sucks in these particles that can cause premature aging so a proper skin program is important for keeping skin healthy and vibrant at any age.’

If you want to receive the Ultimate Facial experience visit her salon at 1333 2nd Street, Santa Monica California or call her at 424-279-9771

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