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NBC’s ‘Superstore’ Actor Dominic Pace Joins The Cast Of Two New Projects


(Los Angeles,Ca March 13th) Actor Dominic Pace has joined the cast of the upcoming Fan Film, Overwatch: Heart of Numbani starting production March 15th.  Pace will play one of the leads Reaper/Reyes.

The film also stars  Dina Freberg as Tracer, and Anthony Gros as Junkrat. The film is set in the world of Blizzard Entertainment’s smash hit game, Overwatch, game of the year at the 2016 Game Developers Conference.

The project reunites Sharknado production designer Vince Albo and camera operator Louis Normandin. Shooting takes place at Laurel Canyon Stages, home of the world renowned spaceship set used most notably by Joss Whedon and Devo. Directed by Jacob Watson (Emergence) and produced by Nick Schroeder and Mike DeMille (Georgia, Titanium).

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Dominic’s love for independent film has attracted to him to many diverse roles and he is always proud and honored to team up with some of the industry’s finest talented indie producers, writers and directors. As Dominic stated in one of his interviews, “Every actor wants that big screen role and big studio budgets and I am no exception but I believe that Art is Art whether you’re doing a George Lucas film or an Indie Project, when one is passionate about one’s craft and you love what you do it is always about giving your best performance. I am honored to work with some amazing filmmakers and I hope to always continue on that path whenever I am available”

Pace will also begin filming on the Horror Feature, The Demonic Dead, starting in May. The Feature is directed by Rick Vargas and produced by Jessica Sosa. Also attached to ‘Dead’ is  Christian Boeving (Grownups, Batman and Robin,) and Tabitha Taylor (Dude, where’s my car, Lakeview Terrace)

You can catch Dominic March 23rd on NBC’s hit comedy, Superstore.

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