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Garlic and Gunpowder Red Carpet Premiere Part 1 & 2




Cast and crew and VIP guests graced the red carpet premiere  of ‘Garlic and Gunpowder’ at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

A comet is streaking toward earth, throwing the entire world, especially the 1% elite into a panic. The possible cataclysm prompts Big City’s wealthiest to move their fortunes — cash, art, gold, jewels — out of the city and into mines outside town. Sonny (Chase) and Archie (Duval) are childhood friends and low-level crime hoods employed by the literally larger than life drug lord, Ma (Rose). Their trusted contact, former mafia moll, Evvy Hancock (Tenuta) gets wind of the wealth transfer through a series of convoys. Ma wants those trucks! Two bumbling federal agents, Bean (McDermott) and Tracey (Kove) plan to launch a sting: “Operation Garlic and Gunpowder” with Ma their main target. Throw in a one-handed birthday party clown, two scantily clad women, a porn star wingman and a convoy full of loot; and it’s a madcap race for the prize, the zaniest assortment of characters colliding as the comet closes in…

Photo courtesy:Kevin G. Eilenberg.



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