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H2rOse – Finding Beautiful Hydration


Its unique benefits were beloved historical figures such as Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo who used to drizzle rose water in his tea everyday and Cleopatra who regularly bathed her face and body in it. Saffron, the other vital ingredient in this foolproof drink, boasts its ability to deliver on a glowing complexion. Saffrons properties act as a natural remedy, dating back to ancient times, support many functions such as easing digestion, soothing irritated stomachs, enhancing moods and reducing occasional anxiety and compulsive eating. Its anti fungal content is also effective for the repair of acne, blemishes and helping to unclog pores.

H2rOse is available in four different flavors: Apple, Mango, Peach and Wild Berry, creating a light and refreshing taste. The four delicious flavors are available in a distinctive box, topped with a few rose petals, creating the perfect finishing touch. H2rOse brings the benefits of Rosewater and Saffron together with the essential hydration of water to encourage and revitalize skin. Treat your body and skin to this innovative new drink that will change the way you think about beauty and hydration!


The exotic stream of saffron and roses blend with the juiciness and crispiness of our sunshine apples. H2rOse apple creates a sweet melody in your mouth that smoothly slides down your pallet filling your body with a refreshing and purifying sensation. Did you know that apples have been considered by ancient mythology as the source of immortality and perpetual youth?


Our most exotic gem. Mangoes squishy texture and tangy passionate flavor create a wave of colorful sensations that illuminate your body. Sipping H2rOse mango is a tropical kiss with golden nectar lips. H2rOse Mango has a lovely and delicate sweet perfume infused with saffron and roses. Refreshing and aromatic, it will bring you straight to paradise.


Peach trees belong to the rose family and they come originally from China where it was appreciated and considered as a symbol of strength and longevity. Our peach is an exclusive blend of roses with a particularly fruity texture that gets juicier and crisper as you explore its flavor. Its tangy traces will bring you back to rays of sunshine on a warm summer day.

Wild Berry:

Wild berries alluring colors will trap your eyes and seduce your mouth. A wild waterfall of flavors traveling through your system. Wild Berries luscious fragrance fuses the perfume of the rainforest with warm caramel. A delicate tangy-sweet, magical experience that purifies your body. Wild berries and roses rejuvenate your skin while enhancing your natural beauty. Awaken your inner light with H2rOse Wild Berry.

H2rOse values at $15.00 USD for a pack of four – Also available in the UK and Canada!

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