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Home ” SnowFall” Premieres July 5th, 2017 On FX Network.

” SnowFall” Premieres July 5th, 2017 On FX Network.



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“SnowFall” is an intense new series from John Singleton co-creator/writer/director and  co-producer.  It is based in the 80s and depicts how cocaine was introduced to the streets of Los Angeles.  Singleton was drawn to this subject because this was a time where selling drugs wasn’t as glamorized as it is today, and for many, it was a means of survival.  The main character Franklin Saint, played by Damson Idris, is born into the hustle and feels the pressure to upgrade from the marijuana business to the cocaine trade in order to provide for his mom and himself. So far, the first episode is very well produced including time specific music and settings where even the actual community in the area is involved in the film to achieve the realistic nature.  The acting was superb especially with the surprise that Idris is actually from London, has a London accent, but was completely undetectable in the episode. There was also a lot of research that went into this film including real life stories and interviews.  Wardrobe, hair, and makeup was spot on such as Franklin’s cousin, Jerome Saint (aka Amin Joseph), having the perfect Jerry curl.  Overall, the first episode was filled with a good balance of emotion, intensity, action, and even some comedy.  And, of course, there was some ambiguity to keep the audience wanting to see more episodes.”

“SnowFall” premieres on July 5th, 2017 on FX Network.

Reviewed by Randahl Brisco

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