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Stars Under The Stars At The Hollywood Bowl For Iturbi & Gershwin



“Donelle Dadigan does it again! A splendid evening at the Hollywood Bowl. An amazing performance by Aaron Diel and the LA Phil. And kudos to the Jose Iturbi Foundation for the wonderful work they do bringing classical music to children,” said Emmy winning actress, Donna Mills

Donelle Dadigan and The José Iturbi Foundation brought the stars of stage and screen out once again, as sponsors of “Gershwin Under the Stars” at the Hollywood Bowl.

Grammy® and Juno Award winning composer, Bramwell Tovey, masterfully conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonic, holding the audience in pleasing captivity with the help of pianist Aaron Diehl, who is one of the most recognized jazz virtuosos in the music industry today. With almost 18,000 in attendance on Thursday, August 17, 2017, the highly anticipated concert began with a “Strike Up The Band” overture featuring one of the most recognizable orchestrations in the world, of “I Got Rhythm,” and included a special performance Duke Ellington’s Night Creature tribute to Policeman. The evening of Gershwin concluded with arousing applause for “An American In Paris.”

“The Jose Iturbi Foundation and Donelle Dadigan are the perfect compliment to an evening with The Los Angeles Philharmonic and The Hollywood Bowl last night. The foundation, which brings “classical music, one note at a time” to young audiences, has such an impressive mission. It’s so important to engage young people as they do,” remarks Academy Award winner, George Chakiris  America’s most adorable castaway, Dawn Well’s added, “Exposing our youth to culture broadens their horizons and instills a desire to learn more. Classical music is food for mind and body.  The arts fill the soul.  Its an international form of communication. The Jose’ Iturbi foundation is a gift that will help kids excel in every aspect of life.”

Carolyn Hennesy, Moosie Drier, Erin Murphy
Carolyn Hennesy, Moosie Drier, Erin Murphy

The José Iturbi Foundation has been a proud sponsor of concerts with LA Philharmonic at The Hollywood Bowl for years. Celebrated fans and supporters of The Jose’ Iturbi Foundation in attendance included: Alison Arngrim, George Chakiris, Charles Fox, Tippi Hedren, Carolyn Hennesy, Roslyn Kind, Donna Mills, Erin Murphy and Dawn Wells.  Each was a special guests of the foundation’s Co-Founder and President, Donelle Dadigan, who remarked “Concert pianist and jazz virtuoso Diehl’s meticulously thought-out performances, collaborations, and compositions are a leading force in today’s generation of musicians and jazz contemporaries – spearheading a distinct union of traditional and fresh artistry. Through Aaron’s performances, he brings multiple generations of music lovers together to learn and enjoy the wonders of classical music as heard in different musical genres – much as my god-father, the world-famous concert pianist and conductor Jose’ Iturbi did during his eight-decade long career.”

“What’s better than an intimate gathering of friends…on top of the Hollywood Bowl?  Followed by an sublime evening of Gershwin and Ellington?  All in celebration of the Jose Iturbi Foundation …. Nothing!  The community has a true hero in Donelle Dadigan, for her indefatigable efforts to champion great music and the next generation of performers!,” adds Emmy winner, Carolyn Hennesy

The Jose’ Iturbi Foundation is dedicated to Jose’ Iturbi’s mission of creating opportunities to promote classical music in Los Angeles and the world. The foundation’s motto is “Popularizing classic music – one note at a time!”® And that’s just what the foundation does through Blockbuster concerts featuring international superstars of classical music.  The foundation also sponsors forums for “young artists in the making,” who are classically trained pianists and singers – to debut their talent, launch their careers and bring to the public’s attention today’s emerging talent through an international music competition, and dynamic live concert performances.  Additionally, to date, The Jose’ Iturbi Foundation has awarded more than $950,000.00 to gifted pianist and singers from around the world, through the José Iturbi International Music Competition.

“I can’t possibly sing enough praises for Donelle Dadigan and The Jose Iturbi Foundation for their efforts and dedication to Mr. Iturbi’s legacy of bringing more awareness and appreciation of classical music to people of all ages in all walks of life…. as well as showcasing new and exciting up and coming classical artists. BRAVA to Donelle!  She is doing her Godfather proud!,” exclaimed recording artist, Rosyln Kind

“Such a beautiful night under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl. I was moved to tears. I’m thankful that the Jose Iturbi Foundation continues its noble quest of making classical music accessible to everyone,” concludes TV icon, Erin Murphy.

For more information about The Jose’ Iturbi Foundation, visit:

Photo Credit: Bill Dow Photography



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