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BUZZR Lost And Found Week




Journey with us beneath the abandoned podium as BUZZR takes you on a trip through rarely seen game show gems.  BUZZR is home to the world’s largest retro game show vault and on Monday, September 11th the network will take viewers on a walk down memory lane to the most clandestine portion of their game show treasure chest. 


BUZZR Lost & Found will explore iconic hosts such as Gene Rayburn with episodes from Make the Connection, Choose Up Sides and even the original 1962 pilot of Match Game.  In addition, Richard Simmons will be back on television for the first time in years as he graces the BUZZR shiny game show floor as host of Dream Maker from 1999, along with his rare appearance in the 1990 pilot of Body Talk – hosted by Vicki Lawrence but left behind on the cutting room floor having never been sold into production.  


Last but not least, Lost & Found  will include the triple threat of hosts John Daly, Merv Griffin, and Mike Wallace as they entertain us with the 1951 pilot of It’s News To Me, the first nighttime episode of Play Your Hunch, and the pilot of To Tell The Truth… known then as Nothing But The Truth.



Monday, September 11th

·        Make The Connection (1955) – First TV game show episode hosted by Rayburn

·        Choose Up Sides (1956) – First episode in the NBC series and hosted by Rayburn

·        Match Game (1962) – Pilot of the original Match Game, hosted by Rayburn


Tuesday, September 12th

·        Wordplay (1986) – Pilot hosted by Peter Tomarken

·        Wordplay (1986) – First episode of the series featuring host Tom Kennedy

·        Trivia Trap (1984) – Hosted by Bob Eubanks


Wednesday, September 13th

·        Missing Links (1963) – Pilot hosted by Ed McMahon

·        Winner Take All (1952) – First game show produced by the Goodson/Todman partnership. Program was broadcast on both radio and television. This is the first television game show Bill Cullen hosted.

·        Play For Keeps (1955) – The pilot was the unsold revival of Winner Take All, hosted by Sonny Fox


Thursday, September 14th

·        Dream Maker (1999) – Hosted by Richard Simmons

·        Body Talk (1990) Pilot hosted by Vicki Lawrence and featuring Richard Simmons

·        Star Words (1983) – Pilot hosted by Nipsey Russell


Friday, September 15th

·        It’s News To Me (1951) – Pilot hosted by John Daly with special guest Mickey Mantle

·        Play Your Hunch (1960) – First nighttime edition of this program, hosted by Merv Griffin

·        Nothing But The Truth (1956) – Pilot episode of what eventually became To Tell The Truth, hosted by Mike Wallace



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BUZZR Lost & Found will feature an abundance of content that hasn’t graced the airwaves for decades and can be seen from 8:00-10:00 pm ET Monday, September 11th – Friday, September 15thLost & Found programming will then repeat each of these days from 11:00 pm-1:00 AM ET.  On Sunday, September 17th, BUZZR will host a special 10-hour marathon in which the network will re-air all Lost & Found content.

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