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“CHOPSO” All Asian All English Content Streaming Service




Filmmaker/Writer/ Former Vice President of the Japanese American National Museum and Co-founder of  CHOPSO CEO Koji Sakai and Academy Award Winning Actor  Chris Tashima Talks about this new streaming service with all Asian All English content.

 Koji Sakai and  Chris Tashima
Koji Sakai and
Chris Tashima

 CHOPSO is the ultimate streaming destination for English-language Asian content worldwide.   CHOPSO officially launched its subscription based streaming service with movies, documentaries, short films, TV and digital series…All Asian, all English, 24/7!   The service kicked off the launch with exclusive Oscar content, celebrity Brand Ambassadors and content partnerships including Hatchfund. 

  For $4.95/month or $49.95/year, customers can stream CHOPSO’s library anytime via the app (on iOS – App Store Link & Android devices – Play Store Linkor website worldwide (


As a filmmaker/writer and former Vice President of the Japanese American National Museum, Sakai had the unique perspective of being on both sides of the art world.  “One of my goals as a filmmaker and writer is to create content that features people that look like me.”  At the same time he was making movies, he spent almost thirteen years at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) programming screenings, film festivals, book readings, panels, family days, workshops, and exhibitions.  When Sakai screened the first episode of FRESH OFF THE BOAT, one of the visitors standing in line asked him why Asian Americans haven’t made anything since the iconic movie BETTER LUCK TOMORROW.  “This blew me away as Asian Americans had been making content, only it was hard for people to see it because there was no ‘one’ place to go.”  When co-founder Quentin Lee and Sakai first started talking about CHOPSO  Sakai knew what was missing, “a place where Asian filmmakers (who speak English) could show their work and a place for those who are interested in actually seeing such content.”

CHOPSOs Chief Creative Officer, Quentin Lee, adds “My first feature SHOPPING FOR FANGS launched at the Toronto International Film Festival 20 years ago in 1997. At that time, I didn’t get the distribution offers I wanted and went on to distribute the film theatrically myself with high hopes but little luck.” Lee went on to distribute a slate of Asian and Asian American features theatrically and on home video but because English language Asian films and diasporic Asian content was a relatively new genre 20 years ago, it hadn’t yet captured a niche.  “Today, twenty years later, technology and the internet have made niche-casting a profitable venture. We founded CHOPSO as a global distribution outlet to all the English language Asian content and their creators who may not find distribution elsewhere in the traditional distribution market place.”


“Asian Americans and English speaking Asian cultures globally are underserved and underrepresented in entertainment” says CHOPSO‘sCEO, Koji Sakai.   In 2016, Asian Americans were the biggest U.S. moviegoers of any ethnic group, dethroning Hispanics by seeing 1.5 more movies on average that year;  and according to exhibition lobbying from the National Association of their annual Theatrical Market Statistics Report, the Asian/Other attendance category reported the highest per capita in 2016 — on average, Asian Americans went to the movies 6.1 times, in comparison to Americans with Hispanic descent average 4.6 times, while African Americans went 4.2 times and Caucasians went 3.2 times.”

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