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Big Money Week on The Price Is Right

Big Money Week on The Price Is Right


We know you loved Pet Adoption week, our Mom’s Day Out episode, the Halloween and Valentine’s Day themed days too, but are you ready for the biggest week of wins yet? 

February 19th through the 23rd is officially BIG MONEY WEEK.

The Price Is Right is kicking off BIG MONEY WEEK on Monday with (drum roll please) an All Cash Show! That’s right – each and every game will offer bidders the opportunity to win cold, hard cash.  Then, Tuesday – Thursday in addition to one Big Money Game in each show, we are giving contestants a bonus of $5,000 if they win their pricing game!

 On Friday, The Price Is Right will offer up an opportunity that is of EPIC proportions and never seen before – we will give contestants the cash value of the prizes won in their very own pricing game. Yes, the price of the prize in cash AND the prize itself.

 Finally, all week long we are doubling the amounts at the wheel…that means $2K for a dollar spin.  And Bonus spins will rake in in a whopping $20K for green spaces, and $50, for dollar spins.




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