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Home “No Taste For Bad Taste” A French Design Experience

“No Taste For Bad Taste” A French Design Experience


No taste for Bad Taste

In collaboration with the Institut français, VIA has created the NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE exhibition that epitomizes the elegance of French Design to be enjoyed on an international scale. From Los Angeles to Singapore, Milan to Dubai, people in over 20 countries will sample the melting pot of cultural heritage and creativity that is French ‘art de vivre’.

The event organizer Jean- Paul Bath gave our host a tour and an introduction to French elegance.

No taste for Bad Taste.jpg 2

Running from February 24th to April 29th at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in downtown’s Arts District Angelenos will discover the designers, manufacturers and artisans united by the same values of balance, audacity, openness, and of course, panache. So Starck, so Bouroullec…so French Design.


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