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Home “Boundaries” Opens In Theaters June 22nd, 2018

“Boundaries” Opens In Theaters June 22nd, 2018



As many struggling single moms out there can relate, the struggles of raising children alone are never easy. Not to mention a teenager, one who has his own issues to deal with. Getting bullied at school, not fitting in, feeling out of place.  

Laura played by Vera Farmiga takes us through a very emotional roller coaster of many struggles, conflict, and obstacles along the way.  With her daily issues of being a mom with her 12-year-old son, Henry played by Lewis MacDougall. Who made us laugh with his charms and crazy artistic sketches. All the while trying to juggle work, and have a personal life.

Things only get more complicated as her son gets expelled from school. Laura desperately want’s to help her son Henry by putting him in a private school. Where he can get the help and attention he needs. She knows the only way to do this is with the help of her estranged father. Jack played by Christopher Plummer who she has not seen or talked to in years. Christopher Plummer never missing a beat captivates us with his great acting skill. Jack is also trying to reach Laura for his own reasons. He is getting thrown out of the nursing home and desperately needs to find a place to go. Father and daughter conflicts come surfacing full force as they take us on a scenic trip. 

With humor, love, and tears along the scenic route starting in Seattle down the Pacific Coast and to Los Angeles California 

As a writer and director Shana Feste did a wonderful job of putting her own personal story in. We completely engage and connect with her story. She is truthful genuine and adds a lot of humor to keep us right there with her. 

Director of photography Sara Mishara did a fantastic job of capturing beautiful sunrises and sunsets to capture and convey a mood of intrigue and mystery. Captivating us with wonder, mystery, and surprise along the way. Surprise after surprise, laugh after laugh.  All the while keeping us empathetic to everything Laura is facing and dealing with

The characters they meet along the way give richness and depth and bring the story to life. One of those characters Joey played by Peter Fonda was a spin and threw us into a wild ride. 

The movie reminded me of Fly Away Home with Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin. Where many times the soft and gentle silence is more powerful than the noise we live with every day. It truly resonated with me because I love and enjoyed the depth of seeing so many older actors in this film. They just get better with age!


I truly enjoyed this film. On a scale of one to five. I give it a five star!


Reviewed By Maria Hodnik 



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