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Home Chloe Dystra Talks About Her Latest Film “Diminuendo”.

Chloe Dystra Talks About Her Latest Film “Diminuendo”.


“Diminuendo” made it’s  West Coast premiere at Dances With Films Festival on June 8th, 2018. DIMINUENDO is Battlestar Galactica star Richard Hatch’s final film – a true passion project that takes legends like him and Walter Koenig (Star Trek) and let’s them show their acting talents in an eerie drama with a sci-fi twist. A passion piece not just for the actors, but also the filmmakers, many of whom come from the adult industry, and have long been working to bring this story of love, regret, and our complicated relationship with technology to the screen.

                        Richard Hatch and Chloe Dystra

Hatch plays Haksell Edwards, a down and out director scarred after the suicide of his beloved starlet girlfriend Cello Shea (Chloe Dystra, DRAG ME TO HELL; SPIDER-MAN 2). When approached by a tech company with an identical robot replicant to make a movie about her life with the LifeDoll as it’s star, Edwards is given a chance to turn his life around. But with a machine that cannot feel, reason, or understand but otherwise identical to his lost love, he begins to unravel further into the past.





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