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7 Tips for Healthy Hair


 Ahh, summer…it is the moment for us to bring out the spf and enjoy some down time – but during this busy social period, the hair can sometimes feel neglected. Beautypress gives you seven tips for healthy hair for the summer!

Tip # 1: Have the Right Equipment
Even during the summer months it is recommended to have a suitable hair brush: while those plastic or metal damage the cuticle of the hair and the scalp, natural brushes based on boar hair release the follicles of the hair from their grease, dust, dirt and give them a natural shine.

Tip # 2: Be Sensitive
To wash your hair every day or one, two or three times a week: every person has their own habits. However, it should be noted that wet hair is particularly sensitive because the cuticles in the scalp are open. Specialists therefore usually apply a hair mask in preparation for washing, which helps to treat the cuticles and allow for a thorough cleansing of the hair. Finally, let hair air dry or use an infrared hairdryer for optimum and healthy results.

Tip # 3: Care Consistency is Key
Hair is exposed to many aggressions throughout the summer: UV rays, chlorine, sea salt or wind – all help to dry it, make it dull and difficult to style. Fortunately, there are solutions to prepare it for a harsh drought: a protective shampoo color will restore the color of hair, provide shine and intensive care for damaged hair. Follow through with a conditioner from the same range for best results.

Tip # 4: Prepare. Prime. Protect.
It is vital that when using heated appliances to dry and style your hair that a pre-styling cream and a heat protector is applied so that your hair is likely to become dry and damaged from the heat. It’s just an extra 30 seconds to your routine that could save you from the savage split ends!

Tip # 5: Take care of your Tips
Your ends will probably not keep a good memory of the summer: they are very exposed during this period and will dehydrate quickly, provoking breakage and devitalization. The consequences: the hair will split at the ends. However, with the right remedy, you may be able to ensure a quiet summer: in addition to your regular haircut, a delicate shampoo and rehydrating and specific products to treat split ends should be applied.

Tip # 6: Inner Beauty
It’s the inner beauty that counts – and it’s also applicable to your hair. That’s why you can allow healthy growth by adapting your diet: vitamin A, for example, will make the hair soft, it is found in peppers or apricots. This will give you even more desire to prepare a delicious smoothie or a succulent summer salad. Vitamin B, which is found in large amounts in meat and eggs, will improve the metabolism of the hair root, while zinc and biotin will increase hair growth and keratin production.
Tip # 7: Fresh Hair in a Flash
No time to wash your hair? This scenario is timeless and can turn your day into a nightmare. Still, dry shampoo can surely save you! It is fast and easy to use, perfumes the hair and restores its freshness. You just have to put it on your out-of-bed-look and in the blink of an eye you would have a perfect look for the whole day!
Text: beautypress.com


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