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Home “Calling All Earth Earthlings” In New York Theaters August 1st And On VOD August 28th

“Calling All Earth Earthlings” In New York Theaters August 1st And On VOD August 28th



You don’t have to believe in UFO’s to find “Calling All Earthlings” intriguing so as non-believers you might enjoy this film as a fun science fiction documentary. But for the folks who do believe then it will probably leave you with more questions than answers.


     George Van Tassell

“Calling All Earthlings” explores a mid-century UFO cult led by one-time Howard Hughes confidante, George Van Tassel. Van Tassel claimed to have combined alien guidance with the writings of inventor/physicist Nikola Tesla, and other controversial science, to build an electromagnetic time machine he dubbed “The Integratron.” Was he insane? Or could the dome really break through the boundaries of space, time, and energy? FBI agents worked against Van Tassel and the alternative community that formed out of his work. Would he finish the Integratron before the government finished him?


A feature documentary about the Integratron, 2018

Filmmaker Jonathan Berman (Producer/Director) takes us through a history lesson of the alternative community that formed around Van Tassel and his ideas. In one of his TV interviews, Van Tassel explains how he was visited by an alien and given specific technology to build a dome that would allow humans to regenerate on a cellular level adding more years to their earthly life. In the interview, Van Tassel holds his own as the commentator tries to shape him as a “nutty” scientist. 

Berman also takes the audience through the start of the Peace Movement, Burning Man and the FBI’s COINTELPRO program as the UFO community takes shape and grows a loyal following of believers. We learn much about Van Tassel through his relatives, neighbors, healers from different spiritual paths and academic scholars. Rounding out this group are the “stewards” and owners of the Integration as well as the notable historian of California; Eric Burdon.

One has to wonder on the untimely death of Van Tassel and the disappearance of all his research. Conspiracy theories will continue around Van Tassel and the role of the US government to hide what they may or may not know about Van Tassel’s technology and alien visitations to Earth.


                                                                         Jonathan Berman (Producer/Director)

CALLING ALL EARTHLINGS  opening in New York, August 1st and coming to VOD on August 28th 




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