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Michael Jai White Guest Stars on “In The Cut” on Bounce



Episode Description #403– Cheryl’s ex-husband, Myron, shows up unannounced to “congratulate” Cheryl on her engagement. Jay doesn’t buy Myron’s act and thinks there are ulterior motives at play. Myron eventually confesses that he came back to tell Cheryl that he still loves her and kisses her just as Jay walks in. Jay is furious and goes home to pack Cheryl’s things. When Cheryl explains to Jay what really happened and that she only loves him, all is forgiven. Kenny gives Smitty his spare key for emergency use only, but Smitty uses it excessively. Angelique makes Kenny


Tune in info – “Monday at 9/8c on @bouncetv”

Bounce Listings (for fans asking how to find Bounce) – “


Coming off its highly-rated third season, In The Cut stars Dorien Wilson (The Parkers, Dream On) as Jay Weaver, an accomplished entrepreneur and barbershop owner who is kept on his toes by Cheryl, played by Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show, The First Family), the co-owner of the beauty salon next door and his love interest-turned-fiancee. Ken Lawson (The Parkers) returns as Jay’s thirty-something illegitimate son from a short-lived fling now in on the family business, as does John Marshall Jones (The Smart Guy) as fellow barber and pal Smitty. Among this season’s storylines: Marriage planning, pressures of single life, love triangles, hilarious barbershop/beauty shop camaraderie and much more. Guest stars will include Dorion Renaud, Michael Jai White, Kyla Pratt, Emmanuel Hudson, Angie Stone, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Vanessa Simmons, Flex Alexander, Milan Christopher and more. 

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