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Footnanny CEO Gloria L. Williams Stars in OWN TV Summer Series Mind Your Business with Mahisha



LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2018 / — Footnanny CEO and Founder Gloria L. Williams joined Season 1 of the unscripted Oprah Winfrey’s OWN TV summer series, “Mind Your Business with Mahisha,” about female entrepreneurs who are coached by Mahisha Dellinger, founder of Curls, a multimillion-dollar hair care business. Dellinger helps female entrepreneurs take their small businesses to the next level using tough love and know-how so they can continue to follow their dreams.

“I know the struggle of starting and maintaining your own business. It is rewarding when someone believes in you enough to lend a hand,” said Williams. “I appreciate the lessons learned about successful negotiations on the OWN TV series, “Mind Your Business with Mahisha.” Williams continued, “Ms. Oprah Winfrey always believed in me and this opportunity to be part of the OWN brand is an honor. Women helping women is something we should all do; so I gladly shared my business challenges as a product developer to help other female entrepreneurs get to the next level.”

Known as the Footnanny, Williams’ dream became a reality four years ago. Footnanny became a household name when Ms. Winfrey sent a tweet about the foot care skills of Williams and her product line. “That tweet went viral and my Footnanny foot care products and my pedicure services were in high demand,” said Williams. “I am forever grateful to Ms. Winfrey for her support as my role model and client.”

Following the tweet heard around the world, Ms. Winfrey and Gayle King gave Williams a shout out about her special pedicure services and foot cream when they were in preparation for the red carpet for the NAACP Image Awards. The accolades continued for Williams and her product line but along came the demands of her growing business. “I love to create new fragrances and products to help people care for their feet,” she said. “However, I wanted to do it all but the business side was overwhelming and I realized I needed help.” Williams’ prayers were answered in the form of the OWN TV show, “Mind Your Business with Mahisha.”

Williams believes providing “wellness beyond the pedicure.” When Williams shares the story of her beginnings, it is her mother that gave her inspiration. “My mother believed that certain foods, oils, and teas played a crucial role in the overall recovery of a person’s ailments. She swore by the wellness healing process,” said Williams. “Mom would mix luxurious creams, ointments and oils, which we would apply using a technique known as the “old fashioned rub down” on those in need of a loving touch.”

Footnanny product line is a reflection of Williams’ mother’s legacy of wellness. “Staying true to my mother’s traditions and keeping her recipes in mind, I’ve managed to develop my own line of aromatherapy foot products,” said Williams. The Footnanny foot cream products are formulated with essential compounds of soy, shea and cocoa butter and the fragrances are based on Williams’ fond memories from her childhood – from lavender, rose, peppermint, sage, mint, chocolate to tree tea and more.

Footnanny foot cream has more than 15 fragrances and counting. Her top sellers are Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Vanilla and new products: Man; Vegan; Hemp; Vitamin C; and the 2018 Mother’s Day Trio named after the beloved women family triad: ginger for Momma; peach for Sister; and pink grapefruit for Auntie; join her expanding product line. Additional Footnanny products from foot soaking salts, rescue buffs to foot files are available at



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