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Home Entertainment Movie Reviews Review “Mile 22” Opens In Theaters August 17th, 2018
Review “Mile  22” Opens In Theaters August 17th, 2018

Review “Mile 22” Opens In Theaters August 17th, 2018


Mark Wahlberg stars in MILE 22/STX Films

Mark Wahlberg shakes up the big screen with his latest film “Mile 22′. Directed by Peter Berg the film is non-stop in your face action. Mark plays (James Silva) a highly trained, super smart and slightly neurotic black ops specialist who spouts philosophical ideologies while fighting bad guys.

This latest collaborative venture between Mark and director/actor/producer/writer Peter Berg who brought you Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day feels like an opportunity for them to go hog wild with lots action and violence. And they do deliver a fast-moving film even while the script feels a bit scattered with Silva constantly shewing political and reflective musings about governments and war.

In the middle of an assignment an informant Li Noor( played by Iko Uwais) seeks asylum in return he will provide a hard drive that has information that will help the team track down some stolen cesium, a powder that will make 9-11 look like child’s play. He needs to be delivered to an airplane which will be landing on an airstrip 22 miles away that will take him to America and to safety. However, there’s a catch the drive will self-destruct in eight hours unless Silva and his Overwatch team(which is not supposed to exist) remove Noor from the country.

    Iko Uwais stars in MILE 22

The team scrambles to decode the drive while fighting off some very bad guys bent on keeping LiNoor in Southeast Asia. In fact there so many bad guys you kind of lose track of exactly what is happening but not too worry there is a lot of fighting and nonstop, violence to score you a massive headache and keep you engaged. But don’t lose heart Iko Uwais delivers some truly spectacular fight scenes that will make you wonder where has this guy been hiding? And when can you see more?

Ronda Rousey stars as Sam Snow in the STXfilms MILE 22.

We also have the women in this film holding their own with Rhonda Rousey(plays Sam Snow) showing not only her fighting skills but delivers a performance that shows she can her hold her own with the big boys.

                                        Lauren Cohan stars as Alice in the STXfilms MILE 22.

Right alongside her is Lauren Cohan(Alice Kerr) going through a divorce while trying to save the world. While kicking down doors and hiding from bad guys she is on the phone trying to talk to her young daughter but the divorce app shuts off the minute she shouts obscenities at her husband. Really, can you cut the girl some slack? the future of the world is in her hands.

In the end, if you love Marky Mark, then you’ll enjoy “Mile 22” even with all its imperfections and somewhat convoluted plot lines. It is almost the end of summer after all so why not add one more shoot them up, Kung Fu fighting, guns blasting, action, spy movie to your list.

“Mile 22′ opens Friday, August 17th, 2018



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