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Review Of “Pretty Bad Actress”


First-time filmmaker Nick Fituri attempts to show us the dark side of society’s obsession with being famous even when your star no longer shines brightly. With former child star Gloria Green(played by Heather McComb) trying to get her career back on track. Gloria goes on audition after audition with obviously little luck all the while trying to convince casting directors to give her that one break. All Gloria wants to do is show everyone one she has grown up and no longer the character Trudi from her glory days as a child actor. But Hollywood won’t let go of the past and it won’t give her a future.

However when Gloria gets kidnapped by a stalker (John Hensley) after an audition along with an obsessed fan (Stephanie Hodes). Gloria’s fate not only lies in her emotionally worn out assistant Cheryl attempting to get the police to care that her boss is missing. Dawnee(Stephanie Hodes) seems oblivious to the potential dangers of being kidnapped. While Gloria is working on extracting her self from being tied up Dawnee stares at her with complete awe and admiration. And Al her Manager (Danny Woodburn), is more interested in using the kidnapping to save Gloria’s fledgling career than save his client’s life.

Pretty Bad Actress has the potential to be a be quirky, dark comedy about some of the pitfalls that come with idolatry, especially with society’s addiction to social media and the power of its influence. Of course, all the stereotypes are played out in the film from the money hungry heartless Manager that uses his client’s kidnapping to boost her career and the abused intern/assistant(played well by Jillian Bell). Heather McComb holds her own in a plot that seems at times not sure of its direction.

PRETTY BAD ACTRESS was written and directed by first-time filmmaker Nick Fituri Scown. It has a running time of 85 minutes and will not be rated by the MPAA.

MVD Entertainment released the film theatrically in Los Angeles on August 10 at the Arena Cinemalounge and will be available digitally on all major online platforms (Itunes, Google Play, Vimeo etc.)

Reviewed by Lucy Jordan



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