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Home Actor Dominic Pace Supports Producer Spero Stamboulis At His Latest Film “Warning Shot”

Actor Dominic Pace Supports Producer Spero Stamboulis At His Latest Film “Warning Shot”


RG-How important is it for you to be here tonight?
Dominic -It was really important for me to be here and support Spero Stamboulis. He is like a brother to me, true family knowing him for 25 years and that means so much having him in my life. This business is not easy so to be here tonight is such an honor. The fact that he is producing a film with stellar talents, like James Earl Jones, Bruce Dern, David Spade, and Tammy Blanchard it’s just priceless.

RG- What do you think makes Spero a good producer?
Dominic- It’s important to be grounded and not get caught up with the Hollywood hype.  Spero has stayed focus and so very humble and that is what makes his work so incredibly beautiful.


RG: How do you stay grounded as an actor in Hollywood?
Dominic-Well I learned a lot from Spero about staying grounded. He has been such an inspiration to me in keeping things real, knowing what really matters and what is not. Staying clear-headed and Spero has done that and I make sure that I do the same.

RG: You’ve had a busy year, tell us what has been going on with you and what is coming up next?

Dominic: Well I did a feature lead role as Captain Streeper in Megalodon on the SyFy Channel worked with some amazing talent including Michael Madson- and that was really fun. I also have a recurring role on NBC’s Superstore/Jimmy Kimmel Live). I am working on a new film in Anonymous Killers, I play a cold-blooded hitman, Romero Scaranelli. “Killers” will be due out in theaters 2019. Lots of other things in things in the works that I can’t talk about.

RG: Well we are excited for you and you wish you continued success. Any last words for Spero?
Dominic: Once again I love Spero and what he stands for and wish him much continued success in his future projects.



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