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The Hollywood Museum Halloween Special – 30 Years of Make-Up, Monsters, and Magic


The Hollywood Museum has become the most popular depository for all things entertainment for film and television. Among the history rich exhibits filling multiple floors is the fan favorite Dungeon of Doom, that hosts the original costumes worn by classics and iconic characters such as Frankenstein, Michael Myers (Halloween), Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) to wardrobe from Sweeny Todd, Van Helsing, Underworld, The Walking Dead and sinister sensations induced by the original set for Silence of the Lambs in their Dungeon of Doom.

The public has been fascinated with monster stories and the mayhem they offer since before “Frankenstein” premiered in 1931 and the original “King Kong” released in 1933. One of the most successful genres in the movie industry, horror and monster movie films continues to thrill movie fans with current releases such as “The Predator,” “The Nun” and “Jurassic Kingdom.”

Now, in time for Halloween, enthusiast of all things fear-provoking, The Hollywood Museum (formerly the Max Factor Make-Up Studio) in association with with the Academy Award® Winning Special Creature and Character Studio Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. opens their “30 Years of Make-Up, Monsters, and Magic.”


The exhibit premiered to a VIP guests on the evening of Tuesday, October 2nd. (The exhibit will run through Dec 31st, 2018). Among the guests of Donelle Dadigan (President and Founder of The Hollywood Museum), Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. (Founders of Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.) were numerous industry personalities including horror’s reigning Scream Queen, Dee Wallace (E.T/CUJO/Critters), Ilene Graff (Mr Belvedere), Lee Meriwether (Batman/Barnaby Jones), Alice Amter (Big Bang Theory), Wyatt McClure (Young Sheldon), Artyon Celestine (DWTS Jrs), Emma Bell (The Walking Dead), Lee Purcell (Valley Girl / Kid & Monsters), Casey Burke (The Middle/The Plague), Joni Bovil (Bosch FX), Savannah Liles (American Horror Story/Prodigy), Isaac Keys (Get Shorty), Bradley Pierce (Jumanji) Susan Olsen ( The Brady Bunch) and Carolyn Hennesy (True Blood/GH), who remarked “Walking into the exhibit and seeing how beautifully everything was curated…I got scared all over again!”


Barry Livingston (My 3 Sons/ Tremors 3 / Argo) added “Love the Hollywood Movie Monsters exhibit at The Hollywood Museum! It’s a must-see!!.” Kate Linder (Y&R), commented that “30 years of Make-Up, Monsters, and Magic is an incredible exhibit. I was an awe of the talent that it took to create the masks for these films. They certainly stand up to the test of time,” while award winning producer, Barbara Van Orden, declared, “The dynamic workmanship of the craftsmen were extraordinary!!! Each exhibit was breathtaking, so real and exciting. BRAVO! “


As a special treat that evening, guests witnessed the creation of a life cast and live demonstrations of prosthetic make-up depicting famous ADI creatures, including live a sculpture by Cinema Make Up School director Lee Joyner, a live face cast by Cinema Makeup School graduates and live make up applications by Cinema Make Up School instructor assisted by school graduate, under the direction of

“We are thrilled to be paying tribute to a genre in entertainment that has not only withstood the test of time, and grown more popular with every generation. It is particularly poignant for this exhibit to feature these creatures and characters at the Hollywood Museum, where make-up and the magic of make believe began with Hollywood’s make-up king, Max Factor!” – Donelle Dadigan (President and Founder of The Hollywood Museum).


Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. is the premiere Creature and Character studio in Hollywood today. Co-founders Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. are responsible for some of the most iconic monster and creature characters of the last 3 decades. ADI’s credits range from TREMORS (1989) to THE PREDATOR 2018. Their many awards include an Academy Award & BAFTA Awards for “Death Becomes Her,” Academy Award nomination for “Alien 3”, and Academy Award nomination for “Starship Troopers.” ADI is proud to be installing its entire Showroom at the Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building. The “30 Years of Make-Up, Monsters, and Magic” exhibit features productions in theatres now as well as great iconic horror films of the past three decades.


Exhibit Highlights include “The Predator”; “The Nun”; “IT,” which features a complete replica of Bill Skarsgard in make-up as Pennywise, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” one of the deadly dolls from”Annabelle: Creation”, the second chapter in the spin-off from”The Conjuring”; a finished bust of actor Joel Edgerton in full make-up as rookie cop Orc, Nick Jakoby, from “Bright”; the 9-foot tall ship’s Pilot Alien Creature removed from the final cut of the 2011 feature for “The Thing”; a full- size figure of the Predator and Alien from “Alien vs. Predator” and the deadly xenomorph from “Alien Resurrection”as well as a replica of series star Sigourney Weaver along with the 8 -foot tall human/alien hybrid known as the newborn from “Alien Resurrection” Their current projects include: Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, “The Cleansing Hour,” “The Mortuary Collection” and “Godzilla vs. Kong”


REGULAR HOURS: Wednesday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
 TICKETS: $15 Adults: $12 Seniors (62;): $12 for students with ID and $5 Children under 5.
 ADDRESS: 1660 N. Highland Ave. (at Hollywood Blvd.), Los Angeles, CA 90028
 MUSEUM INFO: or Tel: (323) 464-7776

 TWITTER: @HollywoodMuseum  
 INSTAGRAM: @HollywoodMuseum

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