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“The Passage” is Available on TBS Digital



TBS Digital released The Passage, a modern-day silent comedy that follows Phil, a sweetly mysterious and childlike wanderer, as he adventures across a surreal multicultural landscape in order to escape the clutches of two bumbling pursuers – all without uttering a single word.

In The Passage, creator and star Philip Burgers never speaks on camera. Instead, he employs his theatrical clown school education, which is about physical performance and emotive expression. Think Steve Martin, not red nose.
Although the people around him speak, they do so in foreign languages and it’s purposeful that there are no subtitles. This encourages the audience to be on the journey with Phil, giving them the opportunity to be fixated on his every move, expression and effort to communicate with people whose languages he doesn’t understand.
It is a testament to how we can break through our language barriers and still connect, which is especially poignant during such a divisive time in our culture. 

In its review, Nerdist describes The Passage as “an alluring showcase of humane comedic talent that pushes the boundary of what we laugh at.” 
The Hollywood Reporter praises Burgers’ “physical comedy chops” and IndieWire writes that the film “stands out because it’s so very different from anything else out there, but it’s still incredibly relatable, heartfelt, and very, very funny.” 
Filmmaker Magazine calls it “gripping” and The Aspen Times says it’s a “tour de force of visual storytelling.

The Passage is produced by Abso Lutely Productions and originated at Super Deluxe.

The Passage is available on TBS Digital at and on iTunes.




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