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Invisible Hands Opens in Los Angeles on November 30



Invisible Hands Opens in Los Angeles on November 30th, 2018

We all have the heard the term child labor and immediately we cringe at the images that flood our minds. And so we should for Director/Producer Shraysi Tandon and writer Chad Beck shows us the harrowing and brutal conditions that exist for so many children across the globe and in our own country. The simple everyday products such as toothpaste, coffee, jewelry, toys, and so much that we take for granted and consume most likely would have involved child labor.

       Behind-the-scene photo of director Shraysi Tandon


Palm oil, an ingredient used in Kellogs cereal, toothpaste, chocolate, cookies, it’s in practically everything we consume.  Children work in the fields harvesting the nuts and are exposed to dangerous conditions every day. They are exposed to insecticides that create health issues while the corporations who run these operations are aware of these issues but for them, profit comes first.

I am constantly amazed by the lack of awareness of many in our society about the foods we eat, the clothes we wear and the chain of events that happen to allow us to receive and enjoy these products. In countries where the minimum wage is so low that families are forced to make the children work with them in the fields and factories. But in many cases are cases children are stolen and sold to the highest bidder; locked away like animals in deplorable conditions. Indian children activist Kailash Satyarthi is risking his life to free children from the bonds of slavery. To date, Satyarthi and his team have saved over 87,000 children from child slavery and trafficking.

                                                               Children using machetes to harvest cocoa in Ghana

INVISIBLE HANDS will take you on a very uncomfortable journey, going deep into the system to impose the injustices that children are facing globally and the corporations that silently support this horrific enslavement and benefit from it.

INVISIBLE HANDS is directed by Shraysi Tandon and written by Tandon and Chad Beck. The film is produced Tandon and Academy award winner Charles Ferguson and is executive produced by Christina Weiss Lurie, Todd Dagres, Mark Wilf, and Jane Wilf. The cinematography is by Yuanchen Liu, Erik Shirai, and Selase Kove Seyram, and editing is by Chad Beck. Music by Sofia Hultquist.

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