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Home “The Grinch” in Theaters November 9th

“The Grinch” in Theaters November 9th


Every year there seems to be a reboot of classic books and movies and this year is no exception. The latest remake is The Grinch based on Dr. Seuss’ beloved holiday classic presented by Illumination and Universal Pictures. Funny, heartwarming and visually stunning, it’s a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism.
The Grinch’s animation is beautifully vibrant and crisp, with the cast of voices that fit each character perfectly.


The Grinch (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) hates Christmas for him it is the worst holiday of the year. He positively can’t stand all the good cheer, the Christmas carols and overall the fact that everyone is so happy. All he wants is to be left alone with his loyal dig Max and, he does not want visitors and becomes increasingly grumpy when the residents of Who-ville continue to beam with holiday cheer.


Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the Grinch in “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” from Illumination.


It gets worse when he finds out the Whos want to make Christmas three times bigger this year. Meanwhile, in town the residents are putting up decorations, buying presents and simply loving life. When The Grinch realizes he has no food in his cupboard and his forced to go into town. He and Max head into Who-ville but The Grinch has to cause trouble on his way into town. He treats people badly, steals and his overall very, very naughty.

Along the way he meets Cindy-Lou(voiced by Cameron Seely ) who is on her way to mail a letter to Santa Claus for a very special wish. Cindy-Lou is full of holiday cheer as she greets The Grinch but it’s humbug to her and everyone he meets.

Cindy-Lou Who (Cameron Seely) gets ready to mail her letter to Santa in “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” from Illumination.


Meanwhile Cindy-Lou Who and her group of friend hatch a plan to trap Santa Claus. She needs to speak to Santa Claus in person so she needs her plan to work. But when The Grinch realizes the residents of Who-ville are serious about making Christmas bigger than ever he realizes that he has to stop them at all cost. And the only way to do that is to steal Christmas.

For me, The Grinch is a tale about acceptance and feeling loved but more importantly, it is understanding what can shape our experience of who we
are and how to learn to trust.

The Grinch is great for the entire family, a classic telling of a tale that will continue to resonate for years to come

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