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Dominic Pace Shines As Beto In The Painters


In December 2017, Actor Dominic Pace flew to the island of Mallorca, Spain to begin production on The Painters. Written and Directed by Sam Larsson, The Painters tells a story of four house painters killing time in their van before their work day begins. Tim Maurice Jones was the Director of Photography (Snatch/Lock,Stock,Two Smoking Barrels)The Painters will make its’ Festival Debut next month at the NYC Indie Film Fest on May 6th. 
“I really wanted this role as it was slightly against type” said Pace, who studied the Spanish dialect with Speech/Diction Coach, Joel Goldes, a month prior to filming. “It was a short script, but there was a solid texture to the 4 main characters that made it truly compelling and three dimensional. I knew these characters. I knew my character Beto and I was passionate about wanting to bring him to life.”

Pace was flanked by a solid supporting cast. Nassim Si Ahmed is a very well known actor in France, recently starring in the series Marseille, and Groom. Reece Noi is a solid talent most known for his work on Game of Thrones, along with Khaled Khouka (Hierro/Megan Leavey)

Pace has been to a fast start with work in 2019 to already compliment his extensive resume. Recently Guest Starring on NCIS:LA, Dominic has just finished an appearance on the upcoming Netflix Comedy, Medical Police. He will head up solving a case on the new Investigation Discovery Show, Homicide City, in May. Later this year, look for Pace in Lifetime Channel’s BFF Nightmare, along with Independent Films, Anonymous Killers (Starring), Psychosis (opposite Tyler Mane/X-Men), and My True Fairytale (opposite Alysia Ochse/True Detective)

During Dominic’s spare time, he has been heavily invested in charitable causes in not only his hometown of Ossining, NY, but also in Los Angeles. Most recently, Pace has been mentoring young members of the Salesian Boys and Girls Club in downtown LA. 

Dominic Pace teaching young members of the Salesian Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles.

LA Mission to help Skid Row 

“Giving back and helping others is something that really means a lot to me. I was very close to my maternal grandparents, William and Tisbe Tagliaferri. I would spend my summers at their house in Yonkers, NY when I was a kid. I learned a lot about their era from the ’20s to the ’40s. My generation has lived in luxury compared to what our grandparents and great grandparents have gone through. I can’t give enough back as a sign of appreciation for how lucky we are to live in this country.  You turn on the news and tell us how hard we have it. An easy history lesson will make you thankful for every day and motivated to help others less fortunate.” Aside from the Salesian Boys and Girls Club, Pace has been active with other charities such as LA Children’s Hospital, Best Buddies, Women’s Center of Los Angeles, One Kid One World, Aut2bfit, and Shane’s Inspiration. He annually contributes to future artists from his hometown and will make a trip back to his Junior High School in May to speak to the students about his career and journey as a working actor. 

Best Buddies of Los Angeles 

Dominic Pace is represented by Manager Christina Scott of CA Talent and Natalie Kollar of LA Talent

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