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“Sprinter” A Film About Choices



Sprinter” a coming of age story of a young Jamaican athlete learning to make life choices. The focus is an Akeem Sharp (Dale Elliott), who is set to be Jamaica’s next big track-and-field sensation. Akeem has to deal with his Mother’s absence (Donna)played by Lorraine Toussaint, who left when he was a young boy to work in Los Angeles so she can provide for her family. But like many illegal immigrants is unable to return to her homeland of Jamaica. As the years go by her empty promises of returning home become slimmer every day.

Though talented Akeem is in the transition of being a teenager to adulthood with all the baggage that comes with youth. The need for acceptance by his peers, the budding sexuality and the trauma of dealing with an alcoholic father. Add in a brother Germaine Sharp(played by Kadeem Wilson) who was once in the spotlight as a star athlete but now more intent on pursuing criminal activities and using Akeem rising fame to his advantage.

“Sprinter” is more than the average jock film, it’s about the power of family, of loyalty, sacrifice, and love. It’s also a glimpse into the effects that immigration have on families and its emotional toll on all involved. When Donna leaves the family she assures her husband Garfield Sharp(played by Dennis Titus) that it will only be for two years. The pain is evident for all of them when they have their scheduled video call and the audience can feel the depth of their loss.

Shot on location in Kingston Jamaica Filmmaker Storm Saulter gives us a sense of the island pulse with artistic shots that range from music video style to arthouse moments. Combined with an exciting music score “Sprinter” is definitely a film to add to your watch list.

The film is Executive Produced by Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith along with NBA Veteran and NBA Personality Richard Jefferson.
Writer/Director: Storm Saulter

Cast: Dale Elliott, Shantol Jackson, Kadeem Wilson, Dennis Titus, Bryshere Y. Gray, Lorraine Toussaint, David Alan Grier
Songs by Grammy Award-winning artist NE-YO and Jamaican dancehall performer Shenseea.

SPRINTER was released to movie theaters nationwide April 24, 2019, via GathrÒFilms’ Theatrical-On-Demand


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