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Home “Aladdin” TV spots featuring Stephen Curry directed by Christopher Alender

“Aladdin” TV spots featuring Stephen Curry directed by Christopher Alender


Soapbox Films is excited to share three TV spots featuring NBA Super Star Stephen Curry.

Spot #1 // 
Spot #2 //

Spot #3 //

Located in Burbank, California, Soapbox Films is an award-winning creative agency and production company established in 2002.  Headed by CEO/CCO Christopher Alender and President Dave Smith, Soapbox specializes in producing feature films, branded entertainment, and marketing, with over 25,000 square feet of facilities including sound stages, offline editorial, audio mix theaters, and color correction and finishing suites. The team includes talented writers, storyboard artists, producers, editors, graphic designers, and new media specialists who work on long and short form content for the web, television, digital signage, home entertainment, and theatrical venues. Soapbox has also staged live performances of The Muppets in both London and Los Angeles. In recent years, the company has focused on producing independent feature films such as The Orchard’s Southbound (2015), Magnet Releasing’s XX (2017), Synchronicity, forthcoming Magnet Releasing Body At Brighton Rock (out theatrically on April 26, 2019), IFC Midnight’s The Wind (out theatrically on April 5, 2019) along with Jonathan Stokes’ Wildcat that is currently in post-production.


Christopher Alender Bio: 
A graduate of the Florida State University Film School, Christopher Alender left his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, to begin a career in Hollywood. His first foothold was in the movie trailer industry, where he developed a keen sense of how to tell a story in the fastest, most visually impactful way possible. In 2002, Christopher then went on to found Soapbox Films, a full-service production company that creates long and short form original and branded content. As CEO and CCO of Soapbox Films, Christopher’s focus is now on pursuing feature filmmaking full-time with the unique resources of a top-notch production facility and staff at his fingertips. One of his personal projects, Eye of the Storm, became an award-winning viral sensation and was featured in American Cinematographer for its cutting-edge, not-of-this-world visual aesthetic. More recently he’s co-produced indie standouts Southbound and XX, and in the past year developed and produced three feature films including Emma Tammi’s The Wind and Roxanne Benjamin’s debut feature, Body at Brighton Rock.



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