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Celebrate Buzzr 4th Birthday




4 weeks of FUN honoring 4 years of America’s favorite and only retro game show network.

It all started on Saturday, June 8th BUZZR toasts the upcoming launch of ABC primetime game shows: Press Your LuckCard Sharks, and Match Game by airing a special block of vintage episodes of the same variety! That’s two retro episodes of Press Your Luck (from 1985) at 8 pm ET/PT, two episodes of Card Sharks (from 1988) at 9 pm ET/PT and two episodes of Match Game (from 1978) at 10 pm ET/PT.

But wait, there’s an exciting twist – contestants Cookie Young (now Cathy Cisneros) playing in BUZZR’s Press Your Luck and Christina (who now goes by Chris) Carter playing in BUZZR’s run of Card Sharks will also be seen THIS summer, 30+ years later via ABC’s NEWEST take on both shows – primetime episodes of Card Sharks starring host Joel McHale and Press Your Luck starring host Elizabeth Banks. Don’t miss your chance to watch Cathy and Chris’ gameplay from 1985 and 1988, before you get a chance to watch them in action on ABC, decades after their initial game show, debut to determine if they have honed their skills! No whammies or unlucky decks dealt…we hope.

Next up, on Sunday, June 16th BUZZR airs the definitive Game Changers documentary following legendary host Alex Trebek on a very personal journey through the world of television game shows. Get cozy with BUZZR on Sunday from 6-8pm ET and catch Alex Trebek at his finest!


Then in week three, on Sunday, June 23rd BUZZR hosts a special marathon of The Price Is Right, featuring some of the most beloved episodes with the original host, Bill Cullen. If you’re a fan of the prizes given away on Price, wait until you see what Mr. Cullen offered up in 1957…we’re talking two living, breathing French Poodles and a Trip to Paris – need I say more? Tune-in from 4p-8p ET and satiate your old school game show fix.

Last, closing out the b-day bonanza, on Sunday, June 30th from 4p-11p ET, BUZZR celebrates National Pride Month with a collection of vintage game shows highlighting famous faces that are near and dear to the LGBTQ community! Look out for BUZZR icons such as Charles Nelson Reilly, Wesley Eure, Jim J. Bullock, Lily Tomlin, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, and more…


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BUZZR is a pop culture time capsule – an unending celebration where viewers can play along to some of Fremantle’s vast portfolio of more than 40,000 iconic game show episodes, which are shown around the clock. Featured titles include Match Game, where host Gene Rayburn is the ringmaster to a mad-capped panel of celebrity guests; What’s My Line, featuring cultural icons becoming time-stamped contestants/panelists like a 29-year-old whip-smart Betty White and a young Muhammad Ali; as well as famed titles Family Feud, To Tell the TruthPasswordPress Your LuckBlockbusters and Card Sharks. Visit the website at

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