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“Loners” Red Carpet Premiere Part 1



Director Eryc Tramonn, star/producer Tyson Turrou, writer/star at the red carpet premiere of Loners. In this biting satire set in the very near future, an ensemble of eccentric loners is forced to endure a government-mandated group therapy class called “Lone-Anon” as part of the “War on Loneliness,” a misguided initiative to stem the growing tide of American violence.  

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Led by an ineffectual therapist whose exercises become increasingly comical, the loners are thrust into a government conspiracy to justify its failing program.  Now, in order to avoid being the latest introverts abducted by mysterious operatives, the group will have to do what terrifies them the most:  stand up for their right to be alone, together.

Written by writer Neil McGowan,  the film stars Khary Payton (“The Walking Dead”), Brian Letscher, Melissa Paladino, Brenda Davidson, Michael Monks, Madeleine Woolner, Keith Stevenson, Kate Linder (“Young and the Restless”), Mitch Silpa (Bridesmaids, Spy).

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